Linda Yeboah

My name is Linda and I am a soon to be sophomore. I was 11 years old when I came here to the United State from Ghana, West Africa. Writing has never been one of my strongest aptitudes, but I have always loved to write. I have been writing “for my own pleasure” ever since I can remember. Yet when it came to writing for school, I always found it dreadful. I usually do not put my best effort in it. Even today as a freshman at JMU, I still dread having to write essays or paper for class. Every paper that I wrote for my classes, I wrote to the point in which I thought would give me a good grade but nothing more but that.

When I began this paper, I had the same attitude, but I soon realized that the topic which I was writing about deserved much more attention. Although the topic was one that everyone knows about, I felt that it was still worth writing about. I wasn’t sure what to write at first, but after hours of internet and library research, I was able to come up with something. Remembering back to the many different styles of writing introduced to me in Ms. Storey’s GWRIT102 class, I chose the style I used because it helped bring the event to life on the paper. I wanted the readers to experience the fear, horror, and unthinkable acts that happened during that time. I wanted the readers to be active participants of the story.

I choose to write about this topic to show my appreciation to the many men and women who risked their lives and the lives of their family in order to pave clear paths for our generations to live together as one nation. Without their hard work I might not be at a place such as James Madison

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