Heather Graham

Our teacher, Helen Storey, always challenged us to get deeper, to express emotions, paint pictures through our words, and most importantly encouraged us to think and express those thoughts in a new and creative way. With that challenge set before me I was ready to dig deep to create a story that intertwined my own life and experience with a historical event. The assignment asked to tell how a historical event has effected who I am today. Ready to take on the challenge, I sought to put together two separate stories by drawing pictures and creating emotions. As one takes place in the past, the other takes place in the present, yet both have the same setting and theme. My aim was to gradually relate the stories to one another, yet keep the reader in suspense as to the actual underlying thesis until the very end. In the end I hope that the reader can understand that I have tried to create a piece that shows that although times have changed, people have changed, and life has changed, one thing remains on, and that is the spirit and virtues held by those who came before us.

This piece was written in my freshman general education writing class (GWRIT 102). I am currently finishing up my sophomore year, seeking a degree in early childhood education. I am a math/science focus, although I have a love for writing which I want to continue to pursue in the future.


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