GWRIT 102/Sherwood

Writing Project #1: The Assignment

Goal: To write an informed argumentative Op/Ed (Opinion/Editorial) essay using at least three sources and the MLA format that responds persuasively to a "casebook" of two opposing essays on a currently debated topic in American society (student chooses one such casebook from Chapters 12 to 25 in the text Current Issues and Enduring Questions). These essays need to be 4 to 6 pages, with in-text citing of sources in MLA format, and a Works Cited bibliography page as the last page. The use of elements of document design such as headings, charts with captions, graphs with captions, etc. is encouraged but not required.


1. Buy a manila folder to keep all your work for Writing Project #1 in, label it, and keep it handy. You will need at least four of these this semester to keep all the work for the four writing projects.

2. Pick a casebook from Chapter 12-25 that interests you, read the two or three opposing essays and the accompanying questions carefully, taking notes, asking questions, etc.

3. Using the "Checklist for Analyzing an Argument" on page 76, carefully analyze each essay for its thesis, method of argumentation, support, and effectiveness. Turn in your notes, typed or handwritten, from this activity as PREWRITING ASSIGNMENT #1 on Tuesday, September 5 for 25 points.

4. Carefully noting your steps in your personal research journal--a place you keep track of all the research you do--use the Carrier Library Homepage as your starting point (confining yourself to what you can learn using htis online source or going to the library itself) to find at least three additional articles on the topic that will increase your authority on the subject. Use the information you have used in the Go For The Gold modules to assist you in searching.

5. Next you will prepare a typed list in the MLA format of these sources and the sources in the text's casebook you have read. It should be called Works Cited and follow the MLA format precisely. This will serve s the final page ofyour essay. This BIBLIOGRAPHY is due Thursday, September 7, for 25 points.


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