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volume six:

essays from spring & fall 2005


The Best Medicine
Krissy Kunkel

In those childhood days I can only remember the laughter and the fun. I never worried or had a stressful day. In fact, the only thing I worried about was when I would be taking my nap and what I would be eating for lunch. There were no troubling relationships to mend and no time consuming papers to write.

Surviving the Mustard Lid Days
Meredith Dash

For as long as I can remember, my grandparents had set the highest bar for morals, and there was no jumping over it. There was no signing notes to get me out of gym, no calling up school saying I was sick, and no lying about my age even if it did get us a discount at a restaurant. I learned at a young age how meaningful integrity was to them, and these values, inevitably, became permanently fused into my character.

Pictures in America:
It Isn't Just About How Many Words They're Worth

Cameron Granger

The people who produce the visual media (commercials, magazines, billboards, television, and so on) have a gargantuan capacity for affecting our culture because they reach out across all of America. While the media commands a powerful position, we, the individuals, have little-to-no capacity for affecting our culture and are left to be fed only a version of our culture from the spoon that is popular media.

My Colored Identity
Ashley Daniels

As we shuffled through the cards we came upon a card with a black square on it. Kristen didn’t hesitate: “Why do they call you black? You’re brown.” She held the black card against my arm. I couldn’t figure out what to say. I had never really thought about it.

As Natural as the Birds and the Bees
Ricky Hamberg

Theologians and other moralists have said that homosexual acts violate the "natural law” and that they are therefore immoral and ought to be prohibited by the state. The word "nature" has a built-in ambiguity that can lead to serious misunderstandings.














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