We work to promote innovation, enhance research by connecting inventors and the business community supporting faculty, research, entrepreneurship, technology, commercialization and new venture formation.

TIED's work exemplifies two of the core qualities of JMU's Strategic Plan, Engagement and Innovation, by creating partnerships with the business community and supporting faculty and student research, entrepreneurship, and new venture formation to foster local economic growth. We recognize that universities have a responsibility to invest in the economic development of their communities and we are devoted to finding new ways to leverage JMU's resources towards that end.

Technology Innovation

Rewarding our inventors motivates them to solve real-world problems. Our services to innovators include: education on the intellectual property protection process and prior art search, patent applications, competition analysis, and connections to business planning functions such as market analysis, business plan development, and negotiation of licensing agreements. Read More

Economic Development

Commercialization success supports future research and innovation development endeavors. Technology Innovation and Economic Development (TI&ED) serves the faculty, staff, and students of JMU by helping to identify and promote innovations developed at the university. Read More

Economic Growth

James Madison Innovations

James Madison Innovations, Inc. (JMI) serves as JMU's affiliated entity for licensing inventions and ensuring effective commercialization with a high level of service to the inventor. Read More

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