DermBiont, Inc. is developing the world's first skin microbiome therapeutics platform with a goal to prevent, treat, avoid recurrence, and/or completely cure targeted disorders.

Blue Vigil, LLC manufactures, distributes, and supports tether power systems for drones. The company has designed and tested a reactive spool tether system. The system is self-contained, includes proprietary power management circuitry, flight control system and can connect to most off-the-shelf UAVs. Drones powered by ground-based tether systems can remain aloft as long as power is conveyed through the tether and do not require a dedicated operator.

Collegiate Strength Innovation (CSI) offers innovative products to enhance training programs for collegiate athletes. CSI's products, developed by athletic performance professionals, focus on safety, efficiency, and effectiveness to address real-world problems coaches encounter during their training programs.

Madison Assessments, LLC was started in 2009 as the first technology company spin out of James Madison Innovations (JMI). They have joined their management and business operations team with a fantastic product line developed by the Center for Assessment and Research Studies (CARS) at James Madison University (JMU). We have an exclusive license to distribute and administer assessment testing instruments to higher educational institutions.

Virginia Innovation Alliance promotes the common interest of improving university technology commercialization in Virginia. We serve as the main points of contact at the seven largest public universities and one medical institution in Virginia for research commercialization and licensing to existing and startup companies. Virginia Innovation Alliance provides linkage between the various university technology commercialization offices in Virginia to share best practices as we work to support our regional innovation ecosystems across the Commonwealth.

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