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Our mission is to promote innovation, enhance research by connecting inventors and the business community, and foster economic development through protecting and commercializing intellectual property.  Commercialization success supports future research and innovation development endeavors. While technology transfer functions are required under federal law from federally funded inventions, our work exemplifies two of the university's Core Values of Engagement and Innovation by creating partnerships with the business community and supporting faculty research related to entrepreneurship, technology, commercialization and new venture formation and growth. Additionally, the revenues generated support more research and innovation for university departments and colleges. Rewarding our inventors motivates them to solve real-world problems.
The JMU Office of Technology Innovation and Economic Development mission is three-fold:

  1. promote innovation through protecting and commercializing intellectual property developed at JMU

  2. create research opportunities by connecting faculty and students with business and industry

  3. foster economic development through business partnerships and launching startup companies

Along with James Madison Innovations, Inc., JMU’s intellectual property management and licensing organization, the two entities connect researchers, entrepreneurs, and professionals in industry and support services to bolster the entrepreneurial infrastructure and promote innovation in the Valley.

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  • DermBiont, Inc. 
  • Blue Vigil 
  • Collegiate Strength 
  • Madison Assessments, LLC

Available Technologies

  • Vibratory Cough Suppression
  • Novel Triscationic
    Amphiphile compounds
    (Patent 8,980,925 and 9,556,109)
  • Sjögren’s diagnostic
  • Colorization of Historic mapping

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