The JMU Office of Technology Innovation and Economic Development (TI&ED) works in tandem with James Madison Innovations, Inc. - JMU’s intellectual property management and licensing organization. The two entities connect researchers, entrepreneurs, and professionals in industry and support services to bolster the entrepreneurial infrastructure and promote innovation in the Valley.

TI&ED's mission closely follows JMU Strategic Plan and 3 of it's key Core Qualities:

  1. Cultivate Innovation - through identifying interesting research and new innovations with commercial potential to cultivate new IP disclosures and increase awareness and understanding of IP protection and commercialization processes.
    JMU's Strategic Plan: Innovation (Core Quality 8; A, B, C)

  2. Commercialize Technology - protecting and commercializing disclosed university intellectual property (IP).
    JMU's Strategic Plan: Teaching, Scholarship and Research Excellence (Core Quality 2; B)

  3. Economic Development - through engaging with professionals in patent analysis and venture creation to identify optimum pathways to commercialization and collaborate with business and industry partners locally and across Virginia.
    JMU's Strategic Plan: Engagement (Core Quality 5; B, C, D)

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