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Advocates speak for the interests of individuals and groups, and assist in all phases of communication development toward the fulfillment of interpersonal and organizational goals. Skilled advocates adopt diverse communication strategies that assist clients in articulating interests and desired outcomes; develop plans for implementing change; and design effective messages for target audiences.

The unique combination of theoretical rigor, research training, and focus on practical advocacy skills situates the communication professional as competitive in the professional marketplace. Graduates are prepared for a variety of positions.

MA student Charle McCauley's emotional support workshop

"The appreciation and gratitude I feel for this program is beyond measure. This has been the most difficult, yet rewarding experience of my life. JMU has become a haven for much needed intellectual growth and opportunity."

-Charlé McCauley ('16)

Careers in communication, in advocacy organizations, and in consulting firms
  • Communication Specialist,

  • Public Relations Manager,

  • Advocacy Coordinator and Project Manager,

  • Director of Advocacy and Research,

  • Project Manager,

  • Program/Campaign Manager,

  • Advocacy and Strategic Communication Specialist,

  • Advocacy Consultant,

  • Outreach Coordinator,

  • Community Ombudsperson,

  • Media relations,

  • Research and program development,

  • Community outreach/relations, and

  • Education.

Furthermore, because students are trained broadly in the communication competencies of advocacy, they are prepared for a variety of positions in any number of advocacy-related organizations ranging from nonprofit companies to large international non-governmental agencies (NGOs).

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