Madison Research Essentials Skills Test (MREST)

What is the MREST? 

Every JMU student is required to demonstrate information literacy competence by successfully passing the Madison Research Essential Skills Test (MREST) by the end of her/his first year on-campus. Information literacy is generally defined as the ability to identify information problems and meet those information problems through research, evaluation and the ethical use of information. Failure to pass the MREST by the deadiline will result in a hold on a student's account. 

What can I do to prepare for the MREST? 

Students have access to a number of resources to improve information literacy skills and pass the MREST. Most students will be introduced to the MREST in your general human communication (SCOM) course. You might have discussions, participate in activities or complete the MREST tutorials. The MREST tutorials are available here.

Where do I take the MREST?  

You can take the MREST at the Assessment & Testing Center in Harper-Allen Lee Hall anytime during the normal operating hours. For information on the Assessment & Testing Center, click here.

How can the Communication Center help me for the MREST? 

The Communication Center can help improve your information literacy skills and prepare for the MREST in two ways. 

1. Schedule an appointment to visit the Communication Center for a consultation. You can schedule an appointment here.

2. Attend a Communication Center workshop designed especially for helping students with information literacy and the MREST. Visit the Communication Center events page for upcoming workshops. 

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