Fall 2015 Advocacy Contest: How can you use ethical reasoning to improve your health and wellness?

Co-sponsor: Universtity Health Center

Winner: Sujit Koppula

Finalists: Olivia Adams, Alexis Carden, Sojuit Koppula, Zarchary McCann, Latavia Taylor 

Jury: Erika Collazo-Vargas (Assistant Professor Health Sciences), Lori Pyle (Associate Chair Madison Collaborative). Stephen Rodgers (Medical Director Health Center), Sarah Rush (Assistant Professor Health Scienes)

image of poster used to advertise the fall 2015 advocacy contest

Spring 2015 Advocacy Contest: Why should you be accepted to your dream job, school or career?

Co-sponsor: James Madison University Graduate School

Winner: Cate Mundy (graduate student) & Paulina Tammaro (undergraduate student)

Finalists: AJ Good, Cate Mundy, Dystany Muse, Christina Quint, Paulina Tammaro, Haley Winter

Jury: Melissa Aleman (Graduate School Interm Dean), Tracy Hakala (CAP Associate Director), Carol Hamilton (Entrepreneurship Center Director)

spring 2015 advocacy contest poster with details

Fall 2014 Advocacy Contest: What is the most pressing issue for college students?

Co-sponsor: James Madison University Health Center

Winner: Hunter Sjogren (slacktivism)

Finalists: Aimme Chen, Diante Ryals, Hunter Sjogren, Sarah Wheeler

Jury: Cindy Allen (WRTC Instructor), Pete Bsumek (SCOM Associate Professor),Randy Mitchell (AVP Student Success), Stephen Rodgers (UHC Medical Director)

fall 2014 advocacy contest poster with details of event

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