When Marketing students have an opportunity to work at business organizations, the firms often call these positions "internships," regardless of whether they are part-time, full-time, paid or non-paid work experiences.  Students can earn credit for working on site at an organization for a specified number of hours during the summer by enrolling in our Marketing Internship (MKTG 494) course.  Students can only earn academic credit for states authorized by the university

No matter what a business firm calls its work program for students, students wishing 3 hours credit in MKTG 494 - Marketing Internship must meet the following standards:

  • Complete COB 300 (or MKTG 380) before taking the summer internship course (MKTG 494). 
  • Must be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative overall GPA of 2.70.
  • Enroll in MKTG 494 for credit during the semester or term during which you are working at the organization. You cannot register for MKTG 494 the semester after you complete the work assignment, (i.e., we do not retroactively recognize internships).
  • Work a minimum of 250 on-the-job hours during the span of the internship with 80% of the job responsibilities being marketing related. 
  • Must pay in-state, or out-of-state, tuition for the 3-hour credit class, whichever is applicable.
  • Summer internships may be either paid or unpaid, either is appropriate.
  • Students cannot be taking a full load of courses at JMU at the same time they are enrolled in MKTG 494. This means enrollment into MKTG 494 is limited to the summer semester only.

Enrollment into the MKTG 494 online summer course must be approved by the Canessa Collins (collincn@jmu.edu).  Before applying, all assignments are outlined in the Internship Syllabus.  If the request form is approved, then you will get an email from the Marketing Advisor in the ASC indicating that you have been approved for an override into the summer MKTG 494 class.  It will then be your responsibility, as the student, to enroll for the MKTG 494 class during open summer registration through MyMadison.  Registration for this class is allowed up until the first day of class, at which time, class registration will be closed.  As for finding an internship, all current and known internships are posted on Handshake.  It is up to you, the student, to find and secure the summer internship of your choice that will incorporate your marketing skills. 


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