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  • Ph.D., Moscow State Pedagogical University, Concentration: Developmental and Educational Psychology
  • Ph.D., University of Central Arkansas, Concentration: School Psychology
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Savina teaches courses in developmental psychopathology, school psychology, and supervises clinical practicum with children and their families in various settings. Her clinical experiences include serving as a child psychologist at Children Village - SOS (Lavrovo, Russia)—the world's largest child charity dedicated to orphans and abandoned children; a therapist at acute and residential psychiatric wards for children and adolescents; and a counselor at a school-based mental health clinic. Dr. Savina has expertise in assessment, child psychotherapy, parenting training and education, school-based consultation and interventions. In her work, Dr. Savina systematically applies a socio-cultural approach, which emphasizes the role of contextual and interpersonal variables in children's development and mental health.

Scholarly Interests / Research Topics
  • Developmental, cultural, and educational aspects of self-regulation in children
  • Socio-emotional programs development
  • Emotional competence training
  • Projective assessment of children
  • Socio-cultural psychology

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