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The Difference You Make

Having career conversations with students and helping prepare them for graduate school or the job search makes a difference. Our students don’t all have the same connections, social capital, knowledge of, or exposure to different career fields. But your guidance can help level the playing field. It can make the difference between a JMU graduate being underemployed or still searching, versus meaningful career pursuits after graduation. Thinking in this way can inspire us to help all JMU students with career exploration; not just the most proactive.

"When we simply offer career services as available, there is a high likelihood that first-generation students, underrepresented students, low-income students will lose. And there is a high likelihood that students with a history that lacks career mentors or career experiences will lose… especially with those most vulnerable to 'career education poverty'. We must acknowledge that the career preparedness of our college graduates is a social justice issue: it is a diversity and inclusion issue - a big one, and it can impact recruitment of students and retention of students. The problem is scale. Career education is a village effort." (Podany 2018)

In response, the University Career Center has introduced the Career Advocates program: a faculty workshop series focused on having career conversations with students.

Come join us and share your experiences, as a Career Advocate for JMU students!

Career Advocates Workshops

Spring 2023 dates and times coming soon! PowerPoints are provided below for those who would like to learn asynchronously.

Session 1: Helping Students with Career Exploration 
(Resources and strategies)

Session 2: Helping Students with Job and Internship Search 
(Resources and strategies)

Session 3: Helping Students as a Listening Ear
(Active listening and brief counseling overview)

Session 4: Helping Students Incorporate their Identity in the Job Search
(Disclosing disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and more; choosing organizations with similar values)

Session 5: Helping Students with Resilient Planning
(Graduate school applications and job search at the same time, gap years, handling rejection)

Session 6: Helping Students Network In-Person and Online
(LinkedIn, Handshake, talking with employers)

  • These workshops will be facilitated by both Career Center staff members and guest speakers.
  • No registration is required.
  • You can participate in single workshops or the entire series.
  • Individuals who participate in at least 4 of the 6 sessions will earn a “JMU Career Advocate” certificate and decal that can be displayed on your door to signal to students that you’re open to discussing career paths and career-related questions.
  • Reach out to Chandra Lane at if you have any questions about this program. 

This program would not be possible without the perspectives of the faculty planning committee who met this Fall. Many thanks to the members of the planning committee:

  • Verónica Haun, Diana Galarreta-Aima, and Daisy Breneman (College of Arts and Letters)
  • Raihan Khan, Tim Howley, Kenn Barron, Laura Blosser, Tracy Zinn, Kim DuVall, and Christina Kuo (College of Health and Behavioral Studies)
  • Dara Hall (College of Education)
  • Demetria Henderson, Maureen Molumba, Tom Dillon, Amy Connolly, Amy Strunk, and Bob Eliason (College of Business)

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