VTOP Employer Readiness Toolkit

Learn more about how to expand your internship and work-based learning opportunities for higher education students throughout the Commonwealth.

The Emplolyer Readiness Toolkit provides:

  • Information and key resources to employers as they consider implementing work-based learning opportunities.
  • Helps employers with their readiness for interns to ensure quality of the experience for students, institutions, and businesses.
Employers' Guide to Hiring International Students

JMU's Center for Global Engagment and the University Career Center have created a guide to help US employers hire international students. There are many resources included in this document to help walk an organization through step by step the ways to hire international students. 

Employers' Guide to Hire International Students

Transgender Toolkit for Employers

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has put together a Transgender Employer Toolkit to provide human resources and diversity and inclusion professionals with an overview of legal and other
issues, such as access to inclusive healthcare and barriers to employment, surrounding transgender inclusion, while outlining current best practices from leading U.S. companies today.

Transgender Employer Toolkit

Resources for Hiring Veterans

To learn more about available resources and information on hiring veterans, please download the Employer Guide to Hiring Veterans (PDF) available from the U.S. Department of Labor. It will guide organizations to relevant offices and other organizations that will best serve the questions surrounds hiring veterans. You may also visit their website.


Employer Anti-Racism & Gender Equality Scorecard

This DEI Scorecard is a wonderful resource that was created by Roderick Lewis from UNC Chapel Hill to help organization's evaluate their diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice efforts in four core perspectives:

  • People & Inclusive Leadership Perspective;
  • Retention & Advancement Perspective;
  • Employer Branding & Recruitment Perspective; and
  • Community & Social Impact Perspective.

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