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If you would like to declare an Asian Studies minor, or if you have questions about the minor, please contact:

Dr. Michael Seth, Coordinator
Department of History


Dr. Mace Bentley

Geographic Science (Southeast Asia, Urban Climates)

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Hong Wei Embree

Chinese Language

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Seung Hee Han

Korean Language

Shah M. Hanifi

Dr. Shah Mahmoud Hanifi

History (Afghanistan, South Asia)

Yongguang Hu

Dr. Yongguang Hu

History (China)

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Manita Khemthong

Geographic Science


Dr. Christie Kilby

Philosophy and Religion (Buddhism)

Alan Levinovitz

Dr. Alan Levinovitz

Philosophy and Religion (Daoism)

Dennis Lo

Dr. Dennis Lo

English (Cinema Studies)

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Ayami Makino

Japanese Language

Sushil Mittal

Dr. Sushil Mittal

Religion (India)

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Yuho Nemoto

Chinese Language

Ken Rutherford

Dr. Ken Rutherford

Political Science (Vietnam, Laos)

Michael Seth

Dr. Michael J. Seth

History (Korea)

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Qiang Sun

Chinese Language

Kimiko Tanaka

Dr. Kimiko Tanaka

Sociology (Japan)

Megan Tracy

Dr. Megan Tracy

Anthropology (China)

Johnathan Walker

Dr. Johnathan Walker

IDLS (Philippines, Taiwan)

Ping Wang

Dr. Ping Wang

CIS/MS (China)

Image Not Available

Yun Ju Wang

Chinese Language

Yi Edward Yang

Dr. Yi Edward Yang

Political Science (China)

Image Not Available

Qian Zhang

Chinese Language

Faculty Emeriti

Dr. Jie Chen

Political Science (Southeast China and East Asia)

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