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  • Enrollment appointment defined - the date and time you may begin enrolling. 
  • View when your enrollment appointment begins in MyMadison.
  • Actual enrollment does not begin until your enrollment appointment starts. 
  • Shopping carts are not useful if created early and may cause technical issues.
  • Placing classes in your shopping cart does not save the seat in the class.  You are not enrolled until the enrollment process is finalized.
  • During the first week of December and June, we update the schedule to list all available classes.  The full schedule of available classes will not be complete and accurate until the first weeks of December and June.

Resources for enrollment

1. Your Enrollment Appointment -  When you have completed all the One Book steps, you may log into the MyMadison system Student Center to see when your enrollment appointment begins.  Once the enrollment appointment is open it remains open, but enroll as soon as possible for the best course/time selections. Click on the link for more information.

2. Can I Get There On Time? Use this guide to determine if you can get between back-to-back classes across campus.  The classroom location is located in the class search information.  If there is a checkmark between the locations, you can get from one class to the next in 15 minutes.  For example, you can get from a class in Maury Hall in the Bluestone area to Showker Hall in the Lakeside area in 15 minutes. 

3. Schedule Planner (video) -  Schedule Planner assists you with the creation of your class schedule. Use Schedule Planner to identify multiple schedule options based on your course selections.  Schedule Planner allows you to block times that you may be unavailable due to practice times or other commitments.

4. How to enroll in classes - MyMadison Tutorials - Tutorials on using MyMadison to enroll in classes, fast ways to find the GenEd courses that are open in each cluster, adding, dropping and swapping classes, etc. 

5. Waitlists - Waitlists are only available for certain courses. If the course has waitlist availability, you will see a yellow triangle under the STATUS label when you search for open classes.   

6.  What you need when creating your class schedule:

  • Your ALEKS math assessment score and foreign language placement exam results, if applicable
  • AP, IB, CIE, DE or any college credit you have earned
  • The enrollment worksheet for your major and degree type (see Module 2).

Advising Questions?  If you have questions regarding course selection after reviewing all the material in Modules 1 through 5, you may send an email to

For general questions, email

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