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Dropping a class after the drop deadline will result in a 'W' on the transcript and applicable tuition charges.

Fall 2014 Enrollment
Dates and Deadlines
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Spring 2015 Enrollment
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Printable Dates and Deadlines

Transcript FAQ's

How do I order a transcript?

You can order your transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse online ordering system.  National Student Clearinghouse

How much does the transcript cost?

Transcripts are processed free of charge.

Can I pay for a rushed transcript?

Transcripts are processed free of charge.  Therefore, there is not a rush option.  You may purchase a UPS label and provide the label with your request.  Please know that this will not reduce processing time, but will reduce mail time.

What if I don’t remember my student ID number?

You have the opportunity to provide your SSN if you do not remember your student ID.

What if I do not remember the years I attended JMU?

Please provide the information to the best of your knowledge.  You will be contacted if there are further questions.

Do I have to enter a mailing address even if I am requesting an electronic transcript?

Yes, you are required to provide a mailing address as well as an email address in case your record is not compatible with electronic delivery.

What documents can I upload to be sent with my transcript?

Only required transcript processing forms can be sent with the transcript.  JMU staff will review each document before it is sent with the transcript.  If the document is not required by the recipient, it will not be sent with the transcript.

What do I do if I want my semester grades or degree on my transcript?

You need to watch your unofficial transcript on MyMadison.  Once your grades and/or degree are posted, you may order your transcript.

Why is my consent required?

Under federal law, the University must have a release each time a transcript is sent.  If consent is not received, the transcript will not be processed. 

Do I have to keep my username and password?

Yes, the electronic transcript is username and password protected even when saved to your computer. 

I am having problems accessing my electronic transcript?

Please see these directions.

I need the Apostille Seal.  What do I need to do?

If you need to obtain the Apostille Seal, please complete the online request form via NSC.  You will need to upload a document on the second page of the online request form, asking the transcript be prepared for the Apostille Seal.  The Office of the Registrar will take the necessary steps to prepare the transcript and return it to you for your Apostille Seal application.