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"Institutions most likely to have success...are those that value their students, provide ample opportunities for them to participate in educationally-purposeful opportunities outside the classroom, and continually ask students to reflect on how they are spending their time and how what they are learning in class can be used out-of-class settings and vice versa.” Kuh, et. Al. (1995)

UREC's vision for student learning is intentionally creating an environment where students can be inspired to grow in knowledge, skills and abilities that promote ethical and healthy lifestyle choices though quality recreational programs, facilities and services. UREC offers student employees the opportunity to learn and grow as professionals - gaining valuable work experience to complement their academic experience. Our highest level student position is the "Operations Supervisor" role - where students open and close the facility, supervise their peers, serve as first-responders in the case of emergency, and make value-based decisions in a fast-paced environment.

UREC employs over 500 undergraduate students in a wide variety of positions each year. Our professional and graduate student staff hire, train, mentor, and evaluate our student staff to promote and advance healthy lifestyles through educational programs, participation opportunities, and support services. Our qualified staff is committed to excellence and responsive to the developmental needs of our participants. Our student staff have been recognized nationally, regionally and locally for their leadership and service.

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