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UREC Family Hours

Family hours start on Friday at 6:00 pm and end Sunday 6:00pm at University Recreation facilities. All break hours, including summer, are family hours. During these times only, immediate family are free of charge. Immediate family for JMU faculty, staff, and students include: spouse, dependents (children, foster children, step children), siblings, parents, grandparents, and grandchildren. Proof of relationship to host: birth certificate, driver's license, or other forms of legal identification.

Children 15 and under may only use facilities during family hours and must remain in the company of an adult or their host at all times. They may participate in any area except for programs requiring registration (i.e. Intramural Sports, Group Exercise classes). Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the Fitness Center and Cardio Deck (14 and 15 year olds must remain in the company of their host at all times in these areas). Children 16 and over must enter with their host but the two do not have to remain in the same area of the facility during the visit. The host must not leave the facility without the child. 

Guest Policy & Fees 

Guests 16 and older must show a picture ID when accessing UREC and University Park. The host is responsible for the conduct of escorted guests while in the facility and must be present in the respective facility at all times. All guests are expected to display conduct in adherence to all UREC policies. If any violation of UREC policy occurs, the guest will be asked to leave and no refund will be available. All guests must be 16 years old or older to participate during regular operational hours. Guests over the age of 16 may participate in any area/activity with the exception of programs requiring registration. Any host that brings a guest 16 or older must remain in the UREC at all times but is not required to be in the same area of the facility. Children 15 and under may only use the facility during family hours and must remain in the company of an adult or their host at all times.

Hosts may sponsor a maximum of two guests per I.D. This can be paid in FLEX by adding money to your card on our Dart machine (located at the Welcome Center), by calling Card Services, or through myMadison. Day Guest Passes can also be purchased online at UREC Register. If purchased online, please bring the guest pass number to UREC for the Member Services staff to validate. Weekend fee includes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For parties larger than two or for JMU departmental special requests, please contact the Assistant Director of Member Services

  • Guest of Student
    • Daily: $5
    • Weekend: $10 
    • Weekly: $20
    • Monthly: $40
  • Guests of Faculty/Staff/Alumni Members/URAC
    • Daily: $7
    • Weekend: $14
    • Weekly: $28
    • Monthly: $56