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Adventure & Challenge Course

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Adventure Center

The UREC Adventure Center opened in 2016 as a part of the UREC Addition/Renovation project. To visit the Adventure Center, enter UREC through the Welcome Center (valid JAC or URAC card required for entry). Immediately turn left and continue to the end of the hall.

Features include:

  • Free-standing 360-degree Climbing Wall with 10 top-ropes
  • Bouldering Wall 
  • Adventure Instructional Room for pre-trip meetings and adventure educational programs
  • Adventure Equipment Rentals
  • Cycle Central

No experience necessary. Our adventure assistants will teach you about the safety systems, equipment, and techniques used at our indoor climbing walls. 

The original climbing wall in the UREC atrium is now used for academic classes and special event reservations. 

Educational Programs: Learn the ropes with our Adventure Assistants during our introductory classes such as Learn to Climb 101 and Belay & Climb. Climbing competitions are a great way to meet other climbers of various experiences levels, pick up new techniques, and have a great time. Emphasis is placed on fun and learning rather than competition. Register now!

Questions? Contact the Assistant Director for Adventure and TEAM Programs