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Media Inquiries:

If you are a media representative interested in covering a UREC program, facility, or person, please contact the Assistant Director for Marketing and Social Media  as your first step. We ask that media requests be made 24 hours in advance and we will work to get you the information you need as soon as possible.

Photography and Videography Requests:

All photography and videography requests should be directed to the Assistant Director for Marketing and Social Media or the Operation Supervisor on duty. We assess each request individually, basing our decision on keeping the safety and privacy of UREC participants our first priority.

Approved photographers/videographers:

    • must have verbal approval of any participants that may be in my photo or video before proceeding.
    • must not engage in photographs that may be a safety risk to themselves or other participants.
    • must not interrupt the experience of any participant (for example, if they are taking photos of a group fitness class, they must arrive 15 minutes early and speak with the instructor and participants).
    • must not take any photos or video in a bathroom, locker room or personal space.
    • must not solicit interviews with UREC participants unless they know the participant.

Hanging Flyers in UREC:

UREC has a community board located on the first floor, across from equipment center. This is the only designated location for external event flyers. Participants with access to UREC may hang any event flyers that have been stamped for approval by University Unions on these boards only. Those wishing to hang flyers in UREC who are not participants may drop off two copies to the UREC Receptionist or the Welcome Center for approval and posting. UREC reserves the right to remove any flyers. 

Business Advertising Opportunities:

The UREC facility averages over 4,000 participants a day during the Fall and Spring semesters. If you are interested in advertising at our facilities or at special events, please contact the Assistant Director for Marketing and Social Media

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