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The UREC student employee giving society was founded in April 2018: The Crossroads Fund. The founding class of donors will be comprised of any current or graduating student who makes a donation of $19.96 by June 30, 2018.

Named after the location in UREC, the Crossroads is the first space one enters in the UREC addition before deciding which pathway to take. UREC student employees are at a metaphorical "crossroads," as they decide whether or not to choose a path where they support and contribute to future student employees success. Making their first gift signifies a commitment to paying it forward to future UREC student staff so that they can continue the tradition of excellence! UREC opened in 1996, which led to the selection of the $19.96 gift level.

Each year, the UREC Student Employee Advisory Council will have the opportunity annually to submit proposals to the Director of University Recreation for uses of the funds, which are intended to be used towards expenditures that improve the UREC student employee experience. 

  • Do I have to be graduating this year to donate? No way! In fact, you could donate each year. Bonus points for non-graduating donors!
  • Can I donate more than $19.96? Of course! Donate to your heart's desire.
  • Can a family member make a gift in my honor? Yes! Just make sure that they put down your name as the "In Honor of" section. And then thank them for being awesome!
  • Can I make a gift in honor of someone at UREC? Yes! Just make sure that they put down their name as the "In Honor of" section and include a note in the "Why did you give" section. We will make sure the message gets to your honoree!
  • I'm an alumni, how can I help? The Crossroads Fund is intended for current or graduating students. Please consider joining the 96ers or making a donation towards the UREC Student Employee Scholarship!
Support the Crossroads Fund
To donate online, visit this webpage.
  • Enter $19.96 (or more) in the Gift Amount box.
  • Enter your information (in spaces with the red asterisk).
  • Hit next and follow the payment steps.
Student Donors

2018 - Founding Crossroads Class

Katy Morgan ('19) 
Shannon Evans ('18)
Zita Harrington ('18)
Jacob Lodge ('18M)*
Christian Miller ('18M)*
Allison Notarantonio ('17, '18M)*
Nora Osei ('18M)*
Katie Regan ('19M)*

* Honorary Members (96ers)

If you have any questions, please contact the Associate Director for UREC Services.

If you are a student and would like more information about making financial contributions to JMU, please contact Spencer Pelfrey, Affinity Giving Program Manager at or 540-568-8918.

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