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First Year Residential Housing Information

Welcome to the Class of 2021! First year students who begin in the fall semester are guaranteed housing for the academic year. First year students that join JMU in the spring will be housed only for the spring semster.

All first year students are required to live in university residence halls for the entirety of their first academic year at James Madison University (fall and spring semesters). Exceptions to the first year residency requirement may be made for:

  • First year students who commute daily within a 60-mile radius from the permanent home of their parents or legal guardians.
  • First-year students who are 21 years of age or older.
  • Married first year students.
  • Requests for exceptions must be made in writing to the Director of Residence Life.

After students commit to JMU, they may access their OneBook. This is the students' one step guide to all things JMU! New first year students will be able to access the Online Housing System in early April. Visiting this system, students will be able to sign a housing contract, select a meal plan, rank their area preferences and search for roommates.

Room assignments and roommate information will be emailed to first year students in early August. Move in for first year students is August 22 and 23 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, depending on which residence hall the student has been assigned to.

Residential Learning Communities

Students who participate in a Residential Learning Community get the unique opportunity to live and take classes with a small group of students who share similar interests. Read more about Residential Learning Communities.

Housing After Your First Year

The Office of Residence Life offers new students the opportunity to sign housing contracts for their second year at JMU, called an Upperclass Housing Contract. Why would you want to think about second year housing before you’ve even lived on campus as a Duke? There are lots of housing options for students, and it can be quite overwhelming to choose what’s best.  We think that living on campus is a great option for all students.  Research has shown that living on campus has many benefits for students, including fostering connections to the campus community and enhancing academic outcomes.  You can read more about these benefits on our website.

Beginning in mid-April, new students will be able to commit to living on campus for the 2017-2018 academic year by signing an upperclass housing contract. Students who sign this contract are guaranteed a place on campus for their second year. Signing now also means earlier access to the room selection process that will take place during the spring 2018 semester. Specific building locations will be finalized during Fall 2017.

First Year Housing FAQs

When is the Housing Contract available?

The contract will be available on the Online Housing System in early April. 

When is the Housing Contract due?

The Housing Contract must be submitted by Monday, May 15. Contracts will still be available after May 15, but students who sign after the deadline may be assigned to a temporary triple.

I'm in the Honors program. Do I have to submit a Housing Contract?

Yes. All first year students must complete a Housing Contract. 

Do I have to complete the upperclass contract for 2018-2019?

No, the upperclass contract is not required but it is encouraged. Incoming first year students who complete the upperclass contract will be guaranteed JMU housing for their second year, 2018-2019. The 2018-2019 upperclass contract will be available through the Online Housing System.

When will I find out my room and roommate?

Roommate information will be sent out to students in early August to their @dukes email address. The information will include their building location and room number, roommate information, and move in date. 

Can we choose our roommate if we know another incoming student?

The deadline for such requests was May 15 and the request had to be mutual. Requests made at this point cannot be honored.

Can I choose what day I move in?

No, students will be assigned a move in date based on the building they are in. 

What buildings are available to first year students?

The following halls will be available to first year students:

  • Bluestone: Gifford, Hoffman, Logan and Wayland
  • Hillside: Bell, Hillside, and McGraw-Long
  • Lakeside: Eagle and Shorts
  • Skyline: Chesapeake, Potomac and Shenandoah (A-section)
  • Village: Chappelear, Dingledine, Frederikson, Garber, Hanson, Huffman, Ikenberry, Weaver and White

How do you assign spaces?

We try to follow as closely as possible to students’ preferences, but unfortunately it is impossible to give everyone their first or second location choice. If you arrive on campus and are still interested in a room change, your Hall Director can help you fill out a room change form which will be processed three weeks into the school year.