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Transfer Student Housing Information

Welcome to JMU's new transfer students! We are pleased to offer incoming spring transfer students the opportunity to join us in the residence halls. Living on campus is a great way to become a part of the Dukes community!  

New transfer students will be able to access the Online Housing System starting November 1, 2016.  Transfer housing contracts will be offered on a first come, first served basis.  Housing applications will continue to be accepted once all the transfer housing contracts have been allocated to new students. In the event that you are not offered a housing contract, you should secure off-campus housing. You can find information about off-campus properties and helpful resources at the Office of Off Campus Life.

New transfer students who sign housing contracts will be assigned to an upperclass room in the following buildings: Ashby, Chandler, Converse, Maple, Oak, Shenandoah, Wampler, White, and Willow. There may also be limited space available in our brand new Apartments on Grace St in 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom units for 2 or 4 residents. After signing a housing contract, transfer students will be able to complete a Lifestyle Questionnaire and select campus area preferences, which will help our office make assignments. 

Students living in JMU residence halls and apartments will be required to select a residential meal plan. More information about meal plans can be found at Card Services.  

Over 95% of rooms available for transfer students are double rooms, so you will most likely have a roommate for the semester.  You will be assigned with another upperclass student or a new transfer student as a roommate. 

Move in for new transfer students is Sunday, January 8, 2017. 

Questions or concerns should be directed to the Housing Office at (540) 568-4663 or

Transfer Student FAQs

Can transfer students live on campus?

YES!  JMU is pleased to offer incoming transfer students residential housing for the Spring 2017 semester!  New transfer students interested in living on campus should complete a housing contract through the Online Housing System.  

I only want to live on campus if I can live in a specific building. Should I sign a housing contract?

A housing contract guarantees a student to a residential space at JMU.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any student a specific building or location on campus.  If you sign a housing contract and are assigned to a building that you do not want to live in, you cannot cancel your contract. 

We try to follow as closely as possible to students’ preferences, but unfortunately it is impossible to give everyone their first or second location choice. If you arrive on campus and are still interested in a room change, you can submit an Online Room Change Request Form through the Online Housing System.  There is a room freeze for the first two weeks of the semester, and room changes will be processed after January 23, 2017.  

What buildings are available to transfer students?

The following halls will be available to transfer students:

  • Bluestone: Ashby, Converse, Wampler
  • Grace:  Apartments on Grace St
  • Lake: Chandler
  • Skyline: Shenandoah (B section)
  • Treehouses: Maple, Oak, Willow
  • Village: White

Transfer students will be assigned an upperclass roommate.  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate transfers students who want to live with a current first year resident.  

When will I find out my room and roommate?

Roommate information will be sent out to students on December 20 to their @dukes email address. The information will include their building location and room number, roommate information, and move-in  date.

Can I choose what day I move in?

No, all students will be able to move into the residence halls beginning at 9 am on Sunday, January 8, 2017. 

Do all buildings have air-conditioning?

No.  Lake and Village residence halls do not have air-conditioning.  If you need air-conditioning because of a health reason, please complete the Housing Accommodation Request.

I signed a contract but now I want to live off campus. How do I cancel my contract?

The housing contract is binding for the entirety of the spring semester and will not be cancelled because a student has changed their mind about living on campus.  The contract may only be canceled within 5 business days after it is signed.  

How much does it cost to live on campus?

A semester’s room rent for any room type in our residence halls is $2393.  The semester’s room rent for a space in the Apartments on Grace is $2893.  Because students who live on campus are required to have a meal plan, it is important to include that cost in to your budget.