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Director's Office and University Housing Assignments


Kevin Meaney

Assistant Director, University Housing

Katie Musar

Systems Administration Coordinator

Karen Sampson

Operations Technician

Karris Atkins

Assignments Technician

Brenda Smith

Business Operations

Associate Director/Business Operations

Joan Houff

Assistant Director/Business Operations

Holmes Browne

Administrative Assistant

Courtney Lear

Facilities Technician

Sam Butler

Fiscal Technician

Andrew Hijjeh

Community Development

Associate Director, Residence Life

Hugh Brown

Assistant Director, Staff Selection and Training

Stephanie Carr

Administrative Assistant

Nikki Corley

Administrative Assistant

Rosie McArthur

Area Director, Skyline Area & The Apartments on Grace

Cover Heishman

Area Director, Hillside & Lake Areas

Nicole Lenez

Area Director, Bluestone Area

Pam Steele

Area Director, Village Area

Jon Strine

Residence Hall Director, Chesapeake Hall

Sam Squyars

Residence Hall Director, Eagle Hall

Jim George

Residence Hall Director, Potomac Hall

Cynthia Ruff

Residence Hall Director, Shenandoah Hall

Jessie Doyle

Residence Hall Director, The Apartments on Grace

Blakeney Hartka

Student Learning Initiatives

Associate Director, Student Learning

Kathleen Campbell

Assistant Director, Residence Life Technology

Dee Nilsen

Assistant Director, Student Learning Initiatives

Joy Heinzman

First Year Involvement Coordinator

Carson Rader-Bell

Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Alicia Lamb

Administrative Assistant

Rebekah Allen