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January 4, 2018


Rose Library, James Madison University 
1251 Carrier Drive 
HarrisonburgVA 22807 

Parking: Parking will be available in the C10 and D2 lots between the hours of 8 AM – 4:45 PM on 1/4/18. No visitor parking permits will be necessary. All regulations for JMU students, faculty and staff will remain in effect, and students attending the event are required to park in appropriate student parking lots with a JMU parking permit.  JMU parking Map

Meals and snacks: Event hospitality will be available in the Rose Library Third Floor Flex Space.

Breakfast menu
Assorted Bagels with Cream Cheese, Butter, and Jelly
Scrambled Eggs
Fresh Fruit
Yogurt Cups
Iced Water
Decaf Coffee
Hot Water with Tea Bags

Lunch Menu
Traditional Mixed Green Salad with Ranch and Italian
Toasted Cranberry Apple Couscous with Apricots, Granny Smith Apples, Almonds, Red Onions, Fresh Spinach and Scallions
Fresh Herbed Vegetables
Grilled Lemon Rosemary Chicken
Assorted Rolls & Butter
Assorted Dessert Bars (Please include vegan brownies made without gluten)
Fresh Seasonal Sliced Fruit
Iced Tea
Iced Water

Afternoon Break
Assorted Cookies
Decaf Coffee
Hot Water with Tea Bags

Starbucks in Rose Library: Hours of operation, 8-11 AM only.

Changing or cancelling registration: Contact the CFI at

Inclement weather: While we hope this does not happen, we want to be prepared for inclement weather. If the univeristy closes, January Symposium will be cancelled. If the university delays opening or closes early, we will cancel affected sessions accordingly.

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