2018 Methods and Manuscripts

The demands of teaching and service work during the semester often put a damper on faculty members' time and enthusiasm for scholarly work. This year’s one-day January Symposium is a place for faculty to refresh and renew skills and passions for scholarship. Faculty are invited to choose from sessions designed to offer new research skills, increase productivity, network with colleagues, and forward scholarly and pedagogical pursuits. This year faculty might also choose to explore one of three tracks of programming: Methods and Data, Manuscripts and Writing, and Theorizing Teaching.



  • Jan 9: Write on Site (Lockdown)
  • Jan 12: Legacy Career Planning : How Can Senior Faculty Finish Well? Fellowship Application
  • Jan 12: Write on Site (Lockdown)
  • Jan 16: Write on Site (Lockdown)
  • Jan 19: Apply to join: Preparing Faculty to Be Inclusive Teachers (Institute)
  • Jan 19: Write on Site (Lockdown)
  • Jan 23: Write on Site (Lockdown)
  • Jan 25: Can Innovation Be Taught? (Scholarly Talk)
  • Jan 26: Write on Site (Lockdown)
  • Jan 26: Can Innovation Be Taught? (Scholarly Talk)
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