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History Minor

The minor in history is available with the B.A., B.S. or any other degree. The minor requires 21 credit hours of history:

HIST 101 and 102
One course in World History at the 300- or 400-level
Another history course at the 300- or 400-level
Three additional HIST courses

"World history" for this definition is a course that is not U. S. or European history. World history courses are marked with a double-asterisk after the catalog number in the undergraduate catalog.

AP history courses can count toward the minor. To view a list of advanced placement courses, JMU equivalents and required scores, refer to the chart of advanced placement courses in the admissions section of the undergraduate catalog.

Syllabus Policies

Important academic policies common to all courses taught by History professors can be found here.Cross Disciplinary Minors
For information on any cross-disciplinary, refer to the Interdisciplinary Minors section of the undergraduate catalog. The minors listed here are a substantial sampling of those most likely to interest History students.

 Africana studies

Broadens students' world perspectives by enhancing their acquaintance with and understanding of the peoples, cultures and institutions of Africa and the Africa Diaspora in the Western Hemisphere. The minimum requirement for a minor in Africana studies is 24 credit hours. Advisor: Dr. Lamont King, History

American Studies

An interdisciplinary program of study that promotes an enhanced understanding of the whole of American civilization, past and present through examination of the diverse aspects of our culture and changing patterns of ideas and values. Courses come from the departments within the College of Arts and Letters and students will take courses from within three groupings: multicultural studies, ideas and the arts, and history and politics. Advisor: Dr. Laura Henigman, English

Asian Studies

The purpose of this interdisciplinary program is to broaden the students' perspective by enhancing their understanding and appreciation of Asian culture and institutionsThe minimum requirement for a minor in Asian studies is 18 credit hours. Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Walker, ISAT

Classical Studies

The minor in classical studies introduces students to Greco-Roman civilization. The requirement is successful completion of 24 credit hours. Advisor: Dr. Stephen Chappell, History

Historical Archaeology

The minor is designed for students interested in the field of historical archaeology, a discipline that integrates the research interests and methods of archaeology and history. Advisor: Dr. Clarence Geier, Sociology and AnthropologyLatin American and Caribbean Studies
This minor allows students to acquire a deeper understanding of Latin America. In addition to a B.A. degree language requirement in Spanish, the Latin American studies minor consists of a minimum of 18 credit hours. Advisor: Dr. Kristen McCleary, History
Middle Eastern Communities and Migrations
This minor concentrates on social and political issues involving Muslim, Christian and Jewish populations in their own right and in relation to one another in the territory between the Nile and Indus rivers during the modern period. Coordinator: Dr. Shah Mahmoud Hanifi, HistoryModern

European Studies

The minor in Modern European Studies provides an interdisciplinary understanding of social dynamics in Europe from the Enlightenment (18th century) through the present. Students enrolling in the minor will gain proficiency in at least one European language and will explore European history, politics, society, culture, and thought. Coordinator: Dr. John Scherpereel, Department of Political Science

Russian Studies

This minor offers a broad, interdisciplinary perspective on Russian culture, history, political institutions, economy and geography. The minimum requirement for a minor in Russian studies is 18 credit hours. Co-Coordinators: Dr. Stephany Plecker, Foreign Languages, and Dr. Maria Galmarini, History

Science, Technology, and Society

This minor offers students the opportunity to critically examine science, technology, and medicine as expressions of human cultures, past and present. The minimum requirement for the minor is 18 credit hours. History Department contact: Dr. Kevin Borg Coordinator: Dr.Jeff Tang, CISE.
Women's and Gender Studies
The Women's Studies minor is an 18 credit hour interdisciplinary program that explores the scholarship related to gender and equity issues affecting women. Advisor: Dr. Jessica Davidson, History