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Spotlight on Graduate Students

As part of a project for her Digital History course, graduate student Ellen Blackmon models and 3D prints a historic home from floor plans featured in a 1960 edition of Better Homes and Gardens.

Spotlight on Faculty

Maria Galmarini-Kabala just published THE RIGHT TO BE HELPED, which illuminates the ways in which marginalized members of Soviet society understood their social rights and articulated their moral expectations regarding the socialist state.

Spotlight on Faculty

Rebecca Brannon's fascinating new book, FROM REVOLUTION TO REUNION, investigates the way in which South Carolinians, Patriot and Loyalist, managed to reconcile their bitter differences and reunite to heal South Carolina and the nation.

Spotlight on Undergrads

STUDIO 395 features brief audio interviews on a wide range of fascinating historical topics. All interviews explore original research conducted by students in sections of HIST 395, the department's undergraduate research methods course.

Spotlight on Alumni

Leonard Richards, Jr. (B.A. History 2013, M.A.T. 2014) has been named the "2016 High School Teacher of the Year" by the Waynesboro Rotary Club. Leonard teaches World History, AP US History, and Government.

Spotlight on Madison Historical Review

The Madison Historical Review, the Department of History's scholarly journal, is run entirely by the department's master's students. The journal has a growing readership and some exciting new features.


Our Department Offers the Following Academic Programs

The Department of History provides an exceptional educational experience. It introduces students to the study of history as a discipline, inculcates habits of lifelong learning and cross disciplinary perspectives among its graduates, and provides important skills designed to meet the changing needs of our students in society. The faculty is dedicated to achieving the highest level of excellence within our academic programs, focusing on the student as an individual and as a member of the global community. The Department of History emphasizes that students be active learners who demonstrate excellent research, critical thinking, oral communication and writing skills, as well as skills in using a computer. Faculty members are dedicated mentors who strive to be scholars, innovative teachers, and models of responsibility and accountability. Staff members are creative and talented colleagues who are committed to providing a supportive environment that facilitates learning and development. 

Shenandoah Valley Regional Studies seminar 2016-2017 schedule TBA. 

Want to teach? Consider this major/minor combo: History + ISS + SEED.