• Photo of Tagore
  • Leonard Richards speaks to a class.
  • Steve Guerrier in classroom
  • Elena Hin at Global History Conference
  • History Study Abroad in Europe group photo

Why History?

Because it’s fun.  Because it's fascinating. Because it matters.

Our students learn about cultures all over the world and from all different eras, developing a complex understanding of both the past and the present. History majors learn to think deeply. To pause and to analyze. To wonder and to investigate. Whether examining a political speech, a war widow's letter, or the remnants of a slave cabin, our students use the artifacts of the past to build convincing arguments, while learning to write clearly and read critically. As a result, they are well-prepared to become engaged citizens of the world and to find productive careers in an array of fields. 

So many reasons to major in History. Learn more.

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