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Teaching Analysis Polls (TAPs)

Registration is full for Fall 2015.  

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The Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP) is a mid-semester evaluation technique that provides instructors with rich and meaningful feedback from their students regarding the learning environment in a course.  Feedback obtained from a TAP can be used to enhance classroom interactions, student learning, and teaching strategies. Most importantly, the instructor receives feedback during the semester, when s/he can meaningfully engage students in the feedback loop. A faculty consultant contacts registered instructors prior to the TAP to discuss course information.  The consultant then comes to the class and spends 30 minutes engaging with the students around questions pertaining to the teaching and learning environment.  Subsequent to the TAP, the consultant meets with the instructor to discuss student feedback.

Registration Information:

Instructors can request TAPs from the 1st through 3rd week of each semester or until we receive 80 requests. Given that a TAP is a mid-semester feedback technique, we conduct TAPs during the 5th - 9th weeks of each semester as timing assures students are able to provide meaningful feedback and faculty have the opportunity to effectively use this input. 

Questions about the TAP process?  Email