Dr. Cheryl L. Beverly (Cheri) is a Professor of Education in the Learning, Technology and Leadership Education Department. Cheri’s professional life began as a teacher of students with Specific Learning Disabilities when the category and special education were still relatively new. Through her work, Cheri discovered that she could not separate the many dimensions of a learner or educator or education into singular facets. She focuses on understanding the complexities, complications, and “messiness” of knowing, learning and educating, and facilitating others’ understanding. Cheri’s efforts center on growing citizens and educators able to create learning spaces and experiences that provide equitable access to, opportunity for, encouragement of, engagement in, and critical reflection and feedback about ideas, perspectives, experiences, people, materials, vocabulary, spaces, concepts and curriculum. Her work with international as well as intranational learners and educators challenges her to continue to grow, learn, and educate.

For a complete account of Beverly’s teaching and scholarship please click here.

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