Courses in the Curriculum 

WMST 200: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies 
Section 1 | Jessica Davidson | MWF 10:10-11:00 
Section 2 | Tamara Winograd | TuTh 11:00-12:15 

Cross disciplinary introduction to theories and scholarship in Women’s and Gender Studies. Examines the social construction of gender, how gender affects access to opportunity, and the experiences and contributions of women. Provides a foundation for subsequent work in the Women’s and Gender Studies minor. 

WMST 300: Women in Blues and Jazz 
Section 1 | Tamara Winograd | TuTh 9:30-10:45 

This course provides an interdisciplinary introduction to research and scholarship on women in blues and jazz. Using recorded performances and films as primary source material, this course will introduce students to female musicians in genres that have been gendered as male in traditional music histories. The course will focus on feminist scholarship of the past three decades that has addressed the absence of women from the blues and jazz canon. In addition, we will examine how scholars from multiple disciplines apply feminist analysis to the study of lyrics, the writing of biography, and the writing of music history. 

WMST 300: Motherhood in the 21st Century: Diminished, Deferred and Denied 
Section 2 | Besi Muhonja | TuTh 2:00-3:15 

This seminar class will engage and confront issues related to the transitioning nature of the reality of motherhood and mothering in contemporary times specifically in relation to signifiers of contemporary cultures in the 21st century as distinct from cultures of past decades as well as indigenous cultures: diminishing value, role, reach and influence of motherhood; delayed and deferred motherhood; and spaces of denied motherhood arising from affects imposed both by self and the society, and underline from an ethno-cultural perspective questions of strength, empowerment, and agency in motherhood and mothering.

WMST/JUST 341: Gender and Justice 
Section 1 | Sue Spivey | W 2:30-5:00 

This course is an interdisciplinary examination of the causes, structure and consequences of gender oppression. Consistent with the social justice track of the major, notions of fairness, justice and equality with respect to gendered social, political and economic relations will be examined. 

WMST/ENG 368: Women’s Literature 
Section 1 | Mary Thompson | MWF 12:20-1:10 

A study of literature by women. 

WMST 492: Sister Speak Workshop 
1-3 credits | Mary Thompson | TBA 

This one-credit internship is open to Women’s Studies minors who have completed at least nine credit hours in the minor (or have received permission from the instructor). This internship will operate as a workshop, for which students will meet once every two weeks as a group to examine feminist writings and films, write and share informal responses, and contribute to the construction of a feminist zine. Modeled on the principles of feminist consciousness raising, this workshop seeks to foster personal growth, social action, as well as social transformation. 

WMST 492: ShoutOut! JMU Weblog Internship 
1-3 credits | Melissa Aleman | TBA 

The mission of ShoutOut! JMU is to provide the JMU community with accurate and constructive information concerning events, legislation, cultural criticism, and resources for women’s rights and personal health on and off campus; to foster a safe space for members of JMU’s community for interactive, informed and constructive dialogue; as a collective, to advance the cause of women and other marginalized groups by means of these conversations; the goal of this blog is not to convert readers to feminism, but instead to raise consciousness of the diversity of perspectives toward understanding everyday inequities. 

HIST 320: Women in US History 
Section 1 | Emily Westkaemper | MWF 1:25-2:15 

A survey of the role of women in the United States from the Colonial period to the present. Attention is given to contributions of the ordinary women, the Women's Rights movements, the impact of women on reform and political movements, and the changing status of women in society. 

HIST 449: Women and Fascism 
Section 1 | Jessica Davidson | MW 2:00-3:15 

This course offers a comparative understanding of fascism and women with a focus on Europe, including Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Francoist Spain. We will also discuss fascist movements and right-wing women in other European countries and in Latin America. The course will uncover the origins of fascism and the rise of the fascist party and the women's branch.

PSYC 310: Psychology of Women 
Section 1 | Arnie Kahn | TuTh 3:30-4:45 

An examination of research and theory regarding the abilities and behaviors of women and the changing roles of women. Consideration is given to biological, developmental and societal determinants of sex and gender.

Courses that Will Receive Substitute Credit

ENG 410: Toni Morrison 
Section 3 | Joanne Gabbin | TuTh 11:00-12:15 

Study of the works of American author Toni Morrison. 

ENG 466: Magical Realism and Women Writers 
Section 1 | Mary Thompson | MWF 1:25-2:15 

Advanced study of women's literary achievements in several cultural and historical contexts. May be focused by theme. May be repeated as course content varies. 

SCOM 347: Popular Culture 
Section 1 | Sharon Mazzarella | TuTh 12:30-1:45 

Study of the rhetorical dimension of communication practices and texts found in popular culture. Emphasis on issues of diversity as they are manifested in the communication practices found in popular culture. Emphasis on strategic communication choices in a diverse, multicultural world. Emphasis on critical thinking, self-reflexivity and communication analysis. 

SOCI 337: Sociology of Gender 
Section 1 | Bethany Bryson | Online 

Examination of theories of sex role development, the roles of men and women in society and gender as a social construction.

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