Scholarship Overview
An endowed scholarship established with a gift from Suzan C. Frangos in honor of her late husband, William Frangos, a tenured member of the Geology Department's faculty. The scholarship is known as the William Frangos Memorial Endowment in Geophysics & Quantitative Environmental Geology. This endowment will provide financial resources each year in support of an award for undergraduate students pursuing a major in Geophysics and/or Quantitative Environmental Geology. Each year, one (or more) student(s) shall be named to receive this award. To be eligible for this award, students must (a) be in the junior or senior year of study; (b) demonstrate excellence in their pursuit of the study of the geosciences (research, technology, engineering, or mathematics); (c) exhibit intellectual curiosity; and, (d) demonstrate an understanding of the underlying concepts, a mathematical insight, and a commitment to environmental issues, technical writing, and presentation. The selection of William Frangos Memorial award recipients shall be made in a manner determined at the discretion of the department head for Geology & Environmental Science, with the understanding that selection decisions must be made and announced each year by mid-April. Further, the Donor specifically directs that - for each recipient -the purpose shall be designated at the time of the selection decision; that is, the Donor intends for the selection process to include sufficient latitude so that funds may be presented to recipients as scholarships, research stipends, or monetary awards, as may be most appropriate in each case. In the case of scholarship awards, it is anticipated that -beyond the above criteria - the appointment of a student to receive funds as a scholarship award shall follow the University's guidelines for the awarding of scholarships.

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