Scholarship Overview
An endowed scholarship established by Elizabeth J. and Charles R. Neatrour to assist students enrolled in Math & Science classes at James Madison University for the purpose of improving their knowledge and teaching skills in these disciplines. Preference should be given in the following order: (a) practicing teachers (grades 4-8) who want to improve his/her content knowledge in math and science; (b) graduate students seeking initial licensure who wants to improve his/her knowledge in math and science; and, (c) undergraduate initial licensure students with specialization in math or science. Availability of the scholarship will be announced to and applications sought from in-service teachers in the fall with a January application date. If no acceptable applications are received, on-campus applications will be sought. The application review and award process ill be based on the appropriateness of the courses the applicant plans to take. The application shall request applicants to delineate the desired professional development objectives and how the courses proposed to be taken will address theses objectives.

Need Based

Eligibility Criteria
Freshmen   Sophomore   Junior   Senior  

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