Scholarship Overview

An endowed scholarship Betty Coe '64 & Paul J. Cinquegrana Scholarship Endowment. The focus of this scholarship endowment shall be Education and, specifically, the academic disciplines of Business, Marketing, Computer Information & Technology, and Math Education.

Each year, one or more scholarships will be awarded to students at James Madison University with an aspiration to become teachers who help prepare middle and/or high school students for post-secondary studies in business and business-related disciplines. Candidates for this scholarship shall demonstrate their commitment to this career by focusing their studies during their fourth (or later) year - within the College of Education - on acquiring the requisite credentials (e.g., teacher certifications) to teach business-related courses, computer information & technology courses and/or mathematics courses at the middle or high school level. The following criteria shall guide the selection of recipients for this scholarship. Specifically to be named a Coe-Cinquegrana Scholar, the student must:

Have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) after at least six semesters of study at the time the student is considered for this scholarship.

  • Demonstrate financial need, as determined by the University's Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.
  • Engage in a course of study - in the fourth (or later) year - intended to prepare the student to teach one or more courses at the middle and/or high school level in one or more business-related disciplines (.e.g., Business Administration, Management, Finance, Marketing Education), including Economics and/or Computer Information & Technology.
  • As a secondary preference, students who are engaged in a course of study intended to prepare them to teach Mathematics at the middle or high school levels may be considered for this scholarship.
  • The appointment of a student as a Coe-Cinquegrana Scholar shall be made by the Dean for the College of Education, based on a process prescribed at the discretion of the Dean.

Beyond the above criteria, the appointment of a student to receive this scholarship shall follow the University's guidelines for the awarding of scholarships; provided, however, that the following further specific conditions are here noted:

  • A student may seek this scholarship only once during a student's college career at James Madison University. Because the scholarship is intended for students seeking to advance their studies in their fourth (or later) year of study for a specific purpose, interested students will need to submit a timely application/nomination in the manner prescribed by the Dean for the College of Education.

It is intended that the scholarship decisions will be made and announced each year by mid-March, with the actual payment of the scholarship made in the fall semester following the spring announcement.

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