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Return to Limited In-Person Activities

JMU Lifelong Learning is preparing a transition to in-person activities, which is made possible due to a decline in the positivity rate and an increase in the availability and distribution of vaccines. The results of our recent member survey are also encouraging, as 92% of respondents indicated having received vaccination.

Given these trends, we anticipate that restrictions on public gatherings and physical distancing will gradually continue to be lifted, allowing a return to pre-pandemic activities.

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LLI Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:30AM - 4:30PM


 Phone: 540.568.2923


Lifelong Learning Institute
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2020-21 LLI Advisory Board

President: Joe Laughland

Past President: Joanne Bell

President-Elect: Kris Stern

Secretary: Deane Geier

Curriculum Chair: Michael Allain

Faculty Support & Recruitment: Susan Facknitz

Hospitality Chair: Jackie Gerrard

Lectures & EdVentures Co-Chairs: Kris Stern & Pat Haden

Membership Chair: Debra Cline & Jim Totty

Nominations Chair: Joanne Bell

Publicity Chair: John Noffsinger

Historian: Bill Ingham

Member-at-Large: Linda Bradley

Member-at-Large: Jim Totty

Member-at-Large: Hartley Gaston



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