Information on Spring 2021 Programming

Our winter/spring semester has started!

Classes will remain online and are open for registration!

Based on positive feedback from students and instructors, we are maintaining our flexible scheduling formats. Participants may choose from shorter options beginning at $20 or engage in extended study. Courses range from 2-8 weeks. Registration fees are adjusted accordingly based on the total time in session.

Although travel programs remain on hold, we have intentionally reserved open space in our April and May calendars for future programming. We share the hope that COVID-19 vaccines will become widely available by mid-Spring. We have prospected outdoor and open-air events to be confirmed and announced at a later date given that public health conditions improve.

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Course Listing by Instructor

Download a PDF of the Spring 2021 Calendar 

Zoomtime Knowledge

Our free public education series will return in mid-January. Stay tuned for the announcement of the presentation calendar to be posted and shared by email before winter break. Meanwhile, you can revisit any presentations you missed online. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive immediate notifications of future uploads.

Other In-Person Events

We will continue to postpone plans for travel programs, in-person social gatherings, and field trips associated with classes until we can safely gather without concerns about compromising anyone’s health.


We hope to see you again soon, either online or in-person. Until then, please take care of yourselves and one another.

With hopes for good health for all,

Rodney Wolfenbarger

2020-21 LLI Advisory Board

President: Joe Laughland

Past President: Joanne Bell

President-Elect: Kris Stern

Secretary: Deane Geier

Curriculum Chair: Michael Allain

Faculty Support & Recruitment: Susan Facknitz

Hospitality Chair: Jackie Gerrard

Lectures & EdVentures Co-Chairs: Kris Stern & Pat Haden

Membership Chair: Debra Cline & Jim Totty

Nominations Chair: Joanne Bell

Publicity Chair: John Noffsinger

Historian: Bill Ingham

Member-at-Large: Linda Bradley

Member-at-Large: Jim Totty

Member-at-Large: Hartley Gaston



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