Approval Process

Sponsors must submit all required information in order for the request to be considered. Required information includes:

  • Noncredit Report/CEU Request Form
  • Program syllabus* that includes schedule and learning objectives and purpose of the course
  • Evaluation instrument or explanation of how learning of participants will be evaluated
  • Resume' and/or vitae of instructors

Requests should be submitted a minimum of two weeks (10 working days) prior to the beginning of the course. CEUs will not be granted for courses already delivered and completed.

Sponsors must not advertise awarding of CEUs before the Institution grants approval.

Professional & Continuing Education will notify the program sponsor listed on the request form by email if a course is approved to grant CEUs within one week (5 working days) of receiving all required information.


Record Keeping and Printing of Certificates

Sponsoring organization should complete the CEU Program Participant Report form and return it with the evaluation summary and payment to Professional & Continuing Education wthin 30 days of program completion. The University requires the CEU recipient's full name as it should appear on the certificate. Professional & Continuing Education will print certificates and return them to the sponsor for instructor's signature. The sponsor is responsible for delivering certificates to the participants.


Cost to Grant CEUs

Each CEU registration incurs a cost of $25 per person. This fee includes administrative set up and approval within the University, as well as the cost of a certificate. Payment may be made by individuals receiving the certificate or by the sponsoring department or organization. The sponsor is responsible for ensuring payment of the fee.

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