One Continuing Education Unit represents ten contact hours of participation in an organized educational experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction. A decimal fraction of a unit may be awarded for an offering of shorter duration. (For example: 12 participant contact hours = 1.2 CEUs) Non-instructional time such as breaks, meals, introductions, and social events are not included when determining contact hours. Time for a speaker during a meal may be included, however only for the presentation time, not the meal itself. A program must be at least one (1) hour in length to qualify for CEUs. CEUs will not be awarded to participants who attend less than 90% of a program.

Basic Criteria to meet CEU Qualifications:

  • An identifiable group is responsible for program administration
  • Instructors are qualified
  • Program syllabus identifies needs and states learning objectives*
  • Appropriate facilities and support services are utilized
  • Participant accomplishments can be evaluated against stated objectives
  • Individual participant records are maintained with the ability to produce a transcript

*Program syllabi should include:

  • Identifiable needs
  • Learning objectives
  • Names of individuals involved in planning
  • Vita of instructors
  • Course outline
  • List of support materials provided to participants
  • Explanation of how participants will demonstrate competence
  • Explanation of the requirements for satisfactory completion

Exclusions from CEU eligibility:

  • Credit courses
  • Committee meetings
  • Work experience
  • Mass media programs
  • Travel
  • Youth Programs
  • Unsupervised Study
  • Entertainment and recreation

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