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The general responsibility for the administration of the university has been assigned to the president, who is appointed by the JMU Board of Visitors. When the board is in recess, its executive committee may exercise the power of the board.

Assisting the president in the administration of the university are the provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, the senior vice president for administration and finance, the senior vice president for student affairs and university planning, the senior vice president for university advancement, and the executive assistant to the president. The JMU Board of Visitors, upon the recommendation of the president, appoint these positions and the university’s instructional and administrative faculty. JMU consists of six colleges offering graduate and undergraduate academic programs:

In addition, The Graduate School oversees graduate programs.

Student's Role in University Governance

Student participation in institutional decision-making at JMU is essential and highly valued. Participation is achieved through student representation on the JMU Board of Visitors and on university commissions and committees. The Student Government Association has a particularly important role, as it is the organization with primary responsibility for accepting and considering student initiatives.

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