Community with IDEAS: Jan./Feb. 2023

Community with IDEAS: Jan./Feb. 2023

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Tim's Letter

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Rebound Program is looking to expand student participation specifically the written story part. If departments could promote the Rebound website, specifically the "Share Your Story" Tab of the website that would be phenomenal.The program is working to normalize setbacks through story-telling open to entire JMU community, but emphasis on expanding student population participation. It's a program students can participate in Semester-long if they want, or they can just be featured on the website with their written story, video story or as a podcast guest.

If you know of a student who has been through academic or personal challenges while in higher education encourage them to share their story and normalize setbacks through storytelling. 


Vice President for Student Affairs Leadership Team


University Wide  

Student Affairs contributes to Admission’s programming such as JMU 101, CHOICES, and Dukes for A Day.  Thank you to all that have stepped in to play a role and those who will continue to assist with future events. See email from lonettcy@jmu.edu on 2/21 for more details. The sign-up for CHOICES, March 31, Student Life Showcase was shared with SA Leadership Team.  

The Board of Visitors meeting occured on Feb. 9-10. The Student Affairs Committee hosted a lunch for committee members in the CMSS and SOGIE Lounges. Afterwards, Dirron Allen and his team presented on the Master Housing Plan, including upcoming construction plans for Ikenberry Hall. Learn more about the Board of Visitors meetings, see full minutes and summaries here.  The next board meeting will be April 20-21. Myles Surrett and his team will provide an update from the Career, Experiential Learning, and Transition Area. Anyone is welcome to the Student Affairs Committee meeting on Thursday, April 20 from 1-2:30pm. 

Fall dates and calendar  

The Fall 2023 Academic Calendar was released: 

  • August 23 – First day of classes 
  • September 29 – October 1 – Family Weekend 
  • October 18-22 – Fall Break 
  • October 27-29 – Homecoming 
  • November 18-26 – Thanksgiving Break 
  • Final Exams – December 9-15 

Student Affairs  

In the recent Student Message sent on March 1, students were reminded about Healthy Minds Survey, East Campus Student Services and safety with bird scooters. There are conversations regarding potential changes around max speed of scooters on campus. Students were encouraged to enjoy their break and be mindful during gatherings and celebrations. To see all archived student messages, use this link. Student messages are sent the first week of every month. If you have something to highlight in the student message, please share it here  

As part of the Master Housing Plan, which includes the Village, Ikenberry will be the first building to begin construction this summer. We have hired a contractor and are finalizing plans for this May. The Residence Life website will post updates regarding Ikenberry and Village construction. This page will be live in the next few weeks. It will include links to a camera so that we can view construction over the summertime, as well as Ikenberry's final student move out. Opportunities to celebrate Ikenberry will be coming soon. 

University Career Center

Career Questions to ask students about their summer plans:


AVP—Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

I would thank to thank everyone that made the new satellite office for Exam Accommodations possible. The Office of Disability Services has opened a satellite office for testing in the Union-502 as of February 6. We are excited to offer another location which as added 40 seats for our students to take exams.

Special thank you to the team in ODS and specifically the leadership of Valerie Schoolcraft and Chris Kinney on this project, in addition Amy Cook, Kristina Bright, and the GA's assisting in exams.

We also had several partners outside of ODS that supported us in this effort, a huge thank you to: Towana Moore, DIrron Allen, Jen Grossman-Leopard, Dave Barnes, Megan Driver, Jini Cook, Lisa Mastin, Jared Combs, Paul Williams, Sam Warren, Jeff Knicely, Gary Shears, Facilities Management, Networking & JMU IT.

Lastly, on behalf of ODS we would like to thank Dr. Tim Miller for his efforts and support of ODS and our students to get this project completed.

Conferences and Presentations

Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices 

Cover Heishman, Patrick Francis, Lindsay Stebbins and Dylan Sorkin attended ASCA 2023 in Portland, Oregon. Lindsay and Dylan presented their session titled, "Using Restorative Practices to Address Sexual Harm."

Upcoming Events

Office of Disability Studies 

Disability Advocacy Week is March 20—24, 2023. Check out the events, here

Libraries Update


A Place to Pick Up Books (and More) When Carrier Closes for Construction

We’re excited to share that we are preparing to open a new, temporary location at 1050 S. Main Street, next to Parking Lot “K”. We plan to open it soon after Carrier Library closes for construction in May. Learn more, here



Adobe Software in the Libraries

If you need the Adobe Creative Suite for your class, your job, or even for personal projects, check out these locations at JMU that provide free access to the Adobe Creative Suite:
- Computer Lab in the Rose Library 24/7 Space (Mac and PC)
- Rose Library Makery (4 Macs on the 1st floor, available only during open hours for The Makery)
- Other places at JMU

Equipment Loans and The Makery have moved to Rose Library

Stop by the new Learning Innovations & Design desk on the first floor of Rose Library (to the right of the main service desk) to access equipment loans, The Makery and other services for teaching and learning with technology.


Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in the Music Library

The Music Library is for everyone! Find out 10 things you can do in the Music Library that might surprise you.


Donate Seeds to the Community Seed Library

Are you ordering seeds for your own garden this year? If you have some left over, consider donating them to JMU’s Community Seed Library. We are happy to accept store-bought seeds, partially used packets or seeds saved from your garden. You can donate or pick up seeds at self-service locations in Carrier Library (moving soon to Rose Library!) and Massanutten Regional Library. Envelopes for repackaging seeds are provided. For a larger donation, or if you have questions, contact seedlibrary@jmu.edu. Learn more, here

The Community Seed Library also received some recent media coverage! Check it out on our JMU Libraries in the News page. 

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