• Thumbnail 2020 Displaced Virginians Preserving the Stories of Displaced Virginians

    A partnership between JMU and Rockingham County's Clerk of Court has made legal documents related to Shenandoah National Park displacement of 2,000 people accessible to the public. Now other counties are catching on.

  • 172x103-shrewsbury.png An Online Teaching Success Story: Dr. Kristen Shrewsbury

    Dr. Shrewsbury received online teaching training from JMU Libraries, and her students say her online class is "the best online class I have taken" and "by far has the most engagement out of all of my courses."

  • default image Institute for Online Learning: Fall 2020

    The JMU Libraries have been preparing professors to teach online for about 20 years, but this year is radically different. Faculty requests for assistance inspired the new Online Learning Institute.

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