• default image Traffic Advisory and Blasting Notice
    August 25, 2016: The sidewalk that runs adjacent to Madison Hall along the North side of East Grace Street from Mason Street down to Main Street, and the sidewalk on the East side of Main Street from Grace Street to Martin Luther King
  • University Welcome J Seeing 2020: University Welcome!
    August 25, 2016: 4,525 first-year students chanted and cheered in the Convocation Center for the University Welcome
  • economic impact graphic - thumb A big boost
    August 25, 2016: JMU currently enrolls approximately 21,000 students, employs more than 3,700 full and part-time faculty and staff, and
  • VIRTUES thumb Unmanned systems on the rise
    August 24, 2016: Hinton said Virginia has much to offer the industry, including business-friendly policies, topographic diversity, existing unmanned
  • Madison Giving Thank You Thumb Private giving to JMU continues strong upward momentum
    August 19, 2016: JMU set a record of funds raised through private giving with a total of $18.7 million this fiscal year
  • Madison Scholar Thumbnail August 2016 Faculty/Staff Accomplishments
    August 11, 2016: Dr. John C. Bowers (Assistant Professor, Computer Science) received $14,388 from Smith College to enhance understanding of how the three-dimensional structure of large molecular assemblies

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