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Private giving to JMU continues strong upward momentum


SUMMARY: JMU set a record of funds raised through private giving with a total of $18.7 million this fiscal year.

James Madison University set a record with more than $18.7 million in total funds raised through private philanthropy during fiscal year 2016, which ended on June 30, 2016. The total eclipsed $18 million for a second consecutive year after averaging $10.1 million during the previous three years.

In addition, a record 20,859 donors gave to the university, including 8,610 JMU alumni, also a single-year record. A total of 6,530 donors made their first gifts ever to JMU during the year.

“Thank you to all the donors, faculty and staff, students, parents, alumni and friends who have expressed your belief in JMU through your contributions,” said Dr. Nick Langridge, vice president for university advancement. “You are making an impact on the Madison Experience for generations to come.”

Total giving increased in virtually all types of gifts to the university. Individual major gifts totaled more than $8.4 million, up from $8.2 million the previous year. Major gifts from organizations increased to nearly $3.8 million from $3.5 million, and the university’s annual giving totals improved to nearly $5.9 million from $5.2 million in FY2015. 

Planned giving fell from $1.3 million to just over $617,000. However, the university recorded more than $20.2 million in conditional pledges which were not included in the fiscal year totals. Conditional pledges, which include donor advised funds, certain bequests and other conditional commitments, increased more than five-fold over FY2015.

“We couldn’t be more excited about our momentum. These back-to-back record years immediately following the president’s listening tour and the release of JMU’s strategic plan show how strongly our donors believe in the university’s direction,” Langridge said.

JMU President Jonathan Alger gathered input during the 2013 Why Madison? Presidential Listening Tour, which then informed The Madison Plan. Released in 2014, the plan serves as the Madison’s strategic roadmap for future success and stands as a testament to the deep collaboration between the university and its constituents in shaping the future of the institution. The Madison Plan sets forth the university’s vision to become the national model of the engaged university, engaged with ideas and the world.

To top off what was already shaping up as a tremendous year, JMU’s first-ever Giving Day on March 15, 2016, brought in a single-day record of 2,840 gifts totaling almost $340,000. The wonderful outpouring of support from around the globe was overwhelming and served as further affirmation that something very special is happening at JMU.

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Published: Friday, August 19, 2016

Last Updated: Thursday, January 4, 2018

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