• schneider-julie-arctic.jpg Classroom in the frozen north
    December 1, 2012: Julie Schneider's journey to the arctic's edge was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and a great way to liven up science lessons for her young students. "Seeing me work as a scientist helped them realize they can grow up and do...
  • default image Art Historian Explores Family's Niche as Woodcarvers
    May 10, 2012: The Yoruba people are found in the forest zone of Nigeria, West Africa, a place art historian and JMU Assistant Professor Dr. Aderonke Adesanya is very familiar with, having taugh
  • default image Students Study Abroad at JMU
    May 10, 2012: Twenty-eight students from Hiroshima University in Japan visited JMU for two weeks in February to gain first-hand experience in American education inside and beyond the classroom
  • default image Collection Provides Link to Voices of Pre-SNP Life
    May 10, 2012: Professional scholars and local history enthusiasts alike can now delve into the extensive Shenandoah National Park Oral History Collection to learn more about life in the Blu
  • default image East Campus Hillside Project Explained and Explored
    May 10, 2012: A transformation is under way on the East Campus Hillside. Formerly covered by a manicured lawn, the hillside is now transitioning into an expanse of natural vegetation that wil
  • default image College of Business Maintains Excellent Businessweek Ranking
    March 28, 2012: JMU's College of Business remains in the top 5 percent of undergraduate business schools
  • Workers and children at Aziza's Place Putting ideas into action
    March 1, 2012: Imagine your children losing the chance for an education because you need them to work to help support the family. JMU alums Alexandra Robbins ('07) and Daniel Haney ('07) worked to fix this problem 9,000 miles around the globe in Cambodia...
  • Student actors rehearsing a Children's Playshop show Saving childhood
    March 1, 2012: Children's worldview is often shaped by the gratuitous offerings of TV and film, so one of the most worrisome issues for parents is their kids' entertainment. Enter Children's Playshop, offering entertainment that demonstrates a higher...
  • 2010 WBB-Drexel The biggest assist
    March 1, 2012: When diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, JMU women's basketball player Dawn Evans ('11) was told the disease would take away her career as a NCAA Division I athlete.
  • Image Placeholder Art students design for the real (JMU) world
    March 1, 2012: JMU students in an Environmental Design class collaborated across disciplines and received feedback from internationally noted artist/architect Michael Singer to create practical and environmentally sound site designs...
  • Pruden Scholar Katie Schwizer paves way for future leaders Changing the world begins in the classroom
    March 1, 2012: At an early age, she dreamed of becoming an educator, as a Pruden Scholar Katie Schwizer learned the lessons teachers need to know.
  • James Madison statue Say 'Yes' to the Madison Forever Vision Fund
    March 1, 2012: It's time to put JMU on the national stage. How can you help? The Madison Forever Vision Fund.
  • Summa cum laude 2011 graduate Eden Parks The joy of scholarship
    March 1, 2012: Summa cum laude 2011 graduate Eden Parks says that her Phi Beta Kappa induction was the capstone of an already cherished Madison Experience.
  • A Week with 'Priscilla's Posse' A Priscilla's Homecoming journal
    March 1, 2012: A firsthand account of an extraordinary journey<br/> <strong><em>Jeanine Talley</em></strong>
  • Paul Spraggs ('78) received a top engineer award from U.S. Black Engineer & Information Technology magazine. Spraggs receives BEYA award
    March 1, 2012: "Madison allowed me to challenge myself and not be afraid to try new things," says Paul Spraggs ('78), a mathematics major and physics minor at JMU. Spraggs was named one of the Black Engineers of the Year for 2009.
  • Ericka Welsh, Madison Forever scholarship recipient A lesson in the sun
    March 1, 2012: Madison Forever made a huge difference for Ericka Welsh, and she's determined to make a difference for others
  • default image JMU Joins Area Colleges in Walk to Shed Light on Depression, Suicide
    December 21, 2010: Walk for Hope: Colleges Unite for Depression and Suicide," will bring together students, staff and faculty from Blue Ridge Community College, Bridgewater College, Eastern Mennonite University and James Madison University
  • default image Student's Research Challenges E-readers' Claim
    December 20, 2010: JMU honors student challenges e-readers' claim.
  • default image JMU, HHS Musicians 'Sing Out' for Charity
    December 20, 2010: JMU, HHS musicians 'sing out' for charity.
  • default image JMU Meeting Changing Needs of Social Work
    December 20, 2010: JMU is training social workers to meet the ever changing needs of society.
  • default image Educational Technology: Tools to Sharpen Learning
    December 20, 2010: JMU's educational technology helps teachers make education faster, better and cheaper.
  • default image Breaking Down Barriers
    December 20, 2010: JMU celebrates Disability Awareness Week, March 26-30, 2012.

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