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James Madison University is on a mission. President Jonathan Alger wants JMU to be the national model for an engaged university. His belief is that the Madison Forever Vision Fund will help the university community reach the bold goal of creating a university that more fully engages with the world to solve society’s most pressing challenges. 

For more than 100 years the stage has been set and momentum has been building to take JMU to national prominence. As alumni, students, professors, parents and friends are answering the question “Why Madison?” the Madison Forever Vision Fund provides a clear path to answering, “How?” The donor-supported fund provides flexible dollars to create new opportunities and seed monies to fund innovative ideas.

Your gifts to the Madison Forever Vision Fund also help JMU attract and retain the most talented professors and students.

JMU is different. The kind of different that matters. The kind of different that leads to “yes.” Yes to innovation. Yes to attacking the big problems of today and tomorrow through collaboration and hands-on practice. Yes to equipping graduates with the tools they need to change to world.

“Yes” comes with a price tag. Your gifts provide JMU the ability to continue saying yes. Yes to quality academic programs. Yes to a unique problem-solving approach to education. Yes to a students-first culture. Yes to strategic partnerships with business and the local community. Yes to more scholarships. Yes to Study Abroad. Yes to keeping the Madison Experience, forever.

Your support in the form of annual gifts to the Madison Forever Vision Fund helps JMU continue to navigate a bold course to becoming the national model for how universities more fully engage with society to solve the most pressing challenges facing the world.

Help President Alger and JMU reach this bold goal of changing the world. Make your gift today at

Support the Madison Forever Vision Fund
We need your help to chart the course for JMU to be the model for the new engaged university. We need flexible dollars to create new opportunities, seed money to fund innovative ideas, dollars to attract and retain talented professors and students, and more. Help us change the world. Give today.

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Published: Thursday, March 1, 2012

Last Updated: Thursday, October 20, 2016

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