The Innovative Efforts Award (IDEA) grant provides funding to students, faculty and staff members who want to test original ideas and/or develop sustainable activities and projects for the enrichment of diversity and inclusion at James Madison University. Individuals, departments, units or groups submit proposals for activities designed to enhance diversity and inclusion in the broadest terms to include socioeconomic status and background, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, gender and disability, age, veteran/military service status or any combination thereof.  IDEA grants have been awarded annually since 2006.

2020 Awards

"Predictors of Organizational Committment Among Non-Tenure Track Faculty: Mixed Methods Dissertation Research " by: Melissa Altman

"Immigrant StoryCrafting:Building an Engaged and Empowered Story-Sharing Workshop" by: Carlos Aleman, Melissa Aleman, Carah Ong Whaley and Campus & Community Partners

"A Transformative Approach: Equipping Healthcare Professionals to Provide Inclusive Care" by: Amy Graham, Whitney Simmons, Ashley Skelly & Sarah Stowell

"Accessabilty for All: Sharing an Online Tool for Inclusitivity Across Campus" by: Valerie Schoolcraft, Christina Wulf, Cheri Duncan, Carolyn Schubert & Eric Stauffer

"Beyond the Valley:Creating Global Engagement Oppertunities for Centennial and Valley Scholars" by: Katie Sensabaugh, Taryn Roberts, Shaun Mooney, Diane Strawbridge, Felix Wang, Mike Mirielllo & Dietrich Maune

"College for Kids" by: Melissa Heatwole


2019 Awards

Community Engagement with Paralympic Skills Lab: A Harrisonburg High School and JMU Partnership: Cathy McKay, Department of Kinesiology

Addressing the Fear: Training Teachers to Engage Tough Discussions: Ashley Taylor-Jaffee and Kristofor Wiley, Middle Secondary and Mathematics Education

Sister Speak: DIY Intersectioanl Feminist Zone Workshop: Mary Thompson, Department of English & Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

Celebrating Academic Bravery-Filling the Bowl with Hope & Understanding: Francesca Tripodi, Sociology & Anthropology and Oris Griffin, Learning Technology and Leadership Education

Over the Mountain and Through the Woods: Enhancing Student Understanding and Cultural Humility though Rural Community Engagement: Yvonne Frazier

Department of Psychology Summer Research Experience for Underserved Undergraduates (SREUU):

Kriztina Jakobsen, Robyn Kondrad, Dan Holt, Sri Upadhyay, David Swedo and Michael Hall: Department of Psychology

2018 Awards

Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion of Graduate Admissions through Holistic Review Training for Graduate Admissons Committee Members - Lynette Michael, Graduate School

African American Comic Books: Diversifying Research and Pedagogy at JMU- Brain Flota and Kate Morris, LET, Mollie Godfrey, English

Bursting the Bubble with C.A.R.E., Creativity and Community: JMU Students Learning Alondside Refugee Families - Kara Kavenagh

Addressing Identity: Cross Cultural Engagement Workshops and Trainings- Julia Dobner-Pereira, Connesia Handford and the PsyD Student Diversity Initiative

The JMU/Harrisonburg Mental Health Stigma Eradication and Neurodiversity Celebration Collabortive- Cathryn Molloy, Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communications

Interfaith Engagement of JMU Students in Our Community- Vesna Hart, Center for Global Engagement, Israa Alhassani, Foreign Language Dept and Dara Hall Education Support Center

Madison Network Student & Alumni Diversity Brunch- Dr. Alysia Davis and Emma Maynard- Constituent Engagement, Office of Alumni Relations

2017 Awards

Dr. Oris Griffin, Ms. Sevinj Iskandarva, Dr. Samy El-Tawab and Dr. Fariss Mousa: "JMU Faculties and Students Engaging with Community Museum to Improve K-12 Education"

Kathleen Sensabaugh & Misty Newman: "The Future is Female!"

Dr. Cathy McKay: "Educate and Engage: Paralympic Skill Lab in KIN 100"

Elizabeth T. Brown: "Calculus for the 21st Century"

Matthew Lee, Emily Gravett, Andreas Broscheid, Kevin Apple and Cara Meixner: "Preparing Faculty to be Inclusive Teachers"

Dr. A. Renee Staton, Dr. Tammy Gilligan and Dr. Michele Kielty: "Training for Trauma Informed Services"

2016 Awards

Kara Kavanagh,Holly McCartney and Teresa Harris: "JMU Students Engaging Refugee Families in Our Community with C.A.R.E (Creativity and Reading Education)"

Delores Blough: "Integrating Our International Students: The Global Campus Toolkit"

Shanil Virani, Lori Kinzer, Calah Mortensen, Dr. John Almarode: "Space Explorers Club: Harrisonburg Boys & Girls Club After School Pilot Program"

Karina Kline-Gabel: "The Madison Hispanic Faculty Caucus"

Frances Flannery "First Generation Faculty and Student Lunch Program in the College of Arts and Letters, School of Liberal Arts"

Dr. Ken Rutherford: "International Week"

2015 Awards

Renee Reed & Jennifer Kester: “Employee Resource Groups”

Kristin Wylie, Daisy Breneman, Matthew Ezzell, Dawn Goode and Besi Muhonja: “The Diversity Teach In”

Jennifer Byrne, Olga Pierrakos, Carole Nash and Edward Brantmeier: “Teaching and Researching for Diversity and Social Justice”

Kiara Pontious, Lisha White and Dr. Kyle Gipson: “Support Students to Attend the NSBE National Convention in 2016”

Aaron Combs, Kelli Rockwell, Thomas Moran, Ph.D and Joshua Pate, Ph.D: “Different Spokes: Using Wheelchair Basketball to Promote Ability Awareness in Sport”

Dr. Debra Sutton & Tim Howley: “Engaging future health professionals in research on diversity and health disparities”

Mollie Godfrey, Sean McCarthy, David Ehrenpreis, Shaun Moony, Robin Lyttle, Stephanie Howard, Kirk Moyers and Jacqueline Goldsby: “Celebrating Simms: Reclaiming the History of the Lucy F. Simms School, 1939-1966”

Past IDEA Grant Awards by Year

(Programs with * have developed into permanently funded programs)

2014-2015 Awards

Margaret Bagnardi & Christine Argenbright,Nursing Department:"Back to School Boot Camp"

JoAnn Benjamin, University Advising:"Safe Zone Advertising & Safe Zone Training Manual"

Elizabeth Berkeley, PhD. Biology Department:"Support Students to Attend SACNACS National Conference"

Peter Bsumek, School of Communication Studies:"Communication,Advocacy & Community Engagement"

George Johnson,PhD, Joe Hinshaw,PhD. & Ryan Parkhurst, School of Media Arts and Design: "SMADelites"

Renee Reed, Human Resources: "Employee Resource Groups"

Jacqueline Nagel, PhD ,Maria Papadakis, PhD, Nathan Sprague, PhD, Jeffrey Tang, PhD:College of Intergraded Science and Engineering : "Pilot High School Academic Fair"

Elizabeth Arnold and Katie Quertermous Dept of Mathematics & Statistics:"Expanding Your Horizons"

2013-2014 Awards

Maggie McCampbell & Jeremy Hawkins, Student Wellness & Outreach with LGBTQ & Ally Education Program: “Safe Zone Facilitation Enhancement and Program Growth.”

Katie LaPira & Carol Fleming, Outreach & Engagement: “Montpelier Archaeology: A Lesson in History, Science & Civic Responsibility.”

Kerry Cresawn of Biology: "Preparing JMU’s future Teachers for Culturally Relevant Teaching in Diverse Communities.” 

Joshua Pate of Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management and Thomas Moran of Kinesiology: "Empowerment through Sport.” 

Kate Trammell and Cynthia Thompson of Theatre and Dance: "The Year of Butoh-Cross-Cultural Encounters with an Avante-Garde Asian Performance Form.” 

Sarah Swanlund, Kelly Giles and Andrew Evans of Libraries and Educational Technology:"Mosaic of Diversity.” 

2012-2013 Awards

Andrew Connell, Music Department:  "Brazillian World Music Day Symposium."

Carol Fleming,  "Outreach & Engagement:  "Engaged Partners: Cultural Competence, Civic Engagement & Community Change in Harrisonburg & County."

*Elizabeth Theta-Brown, Math Department:  "SUMS Conference Support." 

UREC:  "Expedition Denali."

*Daphyne Thomas, College of Business:  "Cyber City Summer Program."

Aderonke Adesanya, Art History:  "African Art."

Kalela Williams, Furious Flower:  "Program Support."

Kate Stevens, Madison Art Collection:  "Program Support."

*Carol Fleming, Outreach & Engagement:  "Identity Camp."

History Department:  "Africana History Program."

2011-2012 Awards

Aderonke Adesanya, Art Design & Art History “Exhibition Seminar on African Dress Entitled: Dress and Identity in African Cultures.”

Sarah Brooks, Art Design & Art History along with Pedro Aponte, Kristen McCleary, Maureen Shanahan and Karin Tollefson: “Cultura y Comunidad: Workshop on Latino History and Culture for the Rockingham County Educational Community.”  

Tiffany Fung, COB Student Diversity Council: “COB Student Diversity Council: Conference Participation.”  

Daniel Robinson, Institute for Visual Studies along with Carlos Aleman, SCOM and PIR @ THMS; Lisa Schick, LTLE Program Coordinator; Kathryn Stevens, Director of Madison Art Collection; Betsy Dunnenberger, Principal at Thomas Harrison Middle School and Amanda Home, Elementary ESL Program Specialist: Engaging Opportunities: Creative Inquiry through Image.”  

Dawn Womack, DUX Leadership Center: “Enriching Diversity Through DISC Workshop Series with a Diverse Student Group.”  

2010-2011 Awards

Walter Ghant, Community Service Learning:“Local Leadership Development with an Introduction to Restorative Justice: JMU/Northeast Neighborhood Association Partnership.”  

Craig Short and Katie Weaver, Procurement: “SWAM Purchasing Awareness Training Materials & Support.”

Mary Thompson, ISAT, with Katie O’Connell and Mitch Hobza, JMU Students: “Sister Speak: Ending Harassment Through Bystander Intervention.”  

*Morgan Benton, ISAT: “New Beginnings: Fostering College Readiness for Low-Income and Minority Students.”

*Catherine Smathers, COB Student: College of Business Student Diversity Council.”

*Anthony Teate and Renee Parilak, ISAT: “Continuation of the JMU Overnight Experience Program.” 

Nicole Neitzey, Post-Conflict Recovery Week—Speaker Housing.” 

Kate Stevens, Madison Art Collection: “Kathryn Eye Congo Collections.”

2009-2010 Awards

*Sarah Orem, Orientation: "We are JMU."

Kristen Shrewsbury, Learning Resource Center: "Journal of the JMU Multilingual Writer's Community."

*Valerie Schoolcraft, Rory Lazowski and Matt Trybus of Disability Services along with Christina Bartholomew and Melinda Burchard in Education Programs: "Madison Access."

*Carol Fleming, Outreach & Engagement: "Exploring Identity"

Melissa Aleman, School of Communication, and Meredith Burns: "Enhancing Technological Literacy to Increase Diversity of Women's Voices on Campus."

*Anthony Teate, CISAT, and Renee Parilak, Alumna: "JMU Overnight Experience." 

Laura Desporte, Mary Slade and David Herr, Exceptional Education: "Partnering of JMU and Inn-City High School Students."

*Paul & Dusty Krikau, Greg Meyer, Chris Orem, Tracy Lanier, Karen Connor, Matthew Lee and Nancy Poe: "The House of Privilege." 

*Harriet Cobb, Robin Anderson, Renee Staton, and Cheree Hammond of Graduate Psychology: "Introducing Intergroup Dialogue to JMU: Training for Faculty, Professional Staff, and Graduate Students in Deepening Great Intergroup Communication and Relationships on Campus."

2008-2009 Awards

*Anthony Tongen and Roger Thelwell, College of Science and Math: "M3: Mentoring for Minorities in Mathematics."

Karen Ford, B. J. Bryson, Nancy Poe and Cindy Hunter; Department of Social Work: "Positive Practices of Student Focused Learning for Diversity and Inclusion."

Mary Slade, Oris Griffin, Cindy Klevickis, Monyette Martin, College of Education, CISAT and Admissions: "Building Community Through Service Learning with Inner-City Middle School Students and a Community in Need."

*Michelle Estes, Jane Thall, Oris Griffin, College of Education: "Building and Sustaining an Online Social Network of At-Risk Students for Educational Precedence."

*Jennifer Testa, HR Training and Development: "The Ways of the World."

*Ericka Kancler, Department of Biology:  "Mini-med School."

*Renee Staton and Michele Kielty, Graduate Psychology:  "The Girl’s Leadership Experience Camp."

Laura Lewis, Sociology and Anthropology: "Marching Through History with Cesar Chavez and the Farm Workers."

Lisa Maynard, School of Music:  "Making Music, Making Friends."

Erica Bleeg, English Department:  "Stories for a New Millennium at JMU."

2007-2008 Awards

Jennifer Kasey and Dusty Krikau, Center for Multicultural Student Services: "Facilitating Student’s Awareness of White Privilege"

*Kathryn Stevens and Melanie Brimhall-Madison, Madison Art Collection: "Prism Gallery: Reflecting Diversity at JMU."

*Jody Fagan, Library and Technical Education:  "African American Biographical Database."

Holly Wade, University Recreation Center:  "African Kukuwa Dance."

Jennifer Coffman and Matthew Chamberlin, Office of International Programs: "Profiles in Diversity."

Kay Knickrehm and Glenn Hastedt, Humanities and Social Sciences:  "Promoting Diversity within the New College of Public and International Affairs."

Daphyne Thomas and Larry Ham, CISAT and COB Diversity Councils:  "Collaboration on an internal climate study for their colleges."

Dean Cocking, College of Science and Math:  "Diversity Dialogues."

Cheryl Beverly and George Font, College of Education: "VOICES: Hear the Voices of Experience."

2006-2007 Awards

*Cheryl Talley, CISAT Diversity Council:  "2008 JMU Conference on Race and; Ethnicity: Mr. Madison on Diversity and Democracy."

*Towana Moore and Brian Charette, Division of Administration and Finance Diversity Council:  "The Utilities and Trades Minority Apprenticeship Program."

Jennifer Campfield and Brett Sinclair, Office of Human Resources:  "Diversity Advertising Program."

*Oris Griffin and Cindy Klevickis, Professor-in-Residence: "Dual Enrollment for JMU Courses in Richmond City Schools."

B. J. Bryson, CISAT Diversity Council:  "Inclusion is for Everyone!"

Kate McDaniel and Barbara Daniel, Academic Advising and Career Development: "Job Search and Career Resources for International Students."

David Brakke, Ioana Niculescu and Kristen St. John, College of Science and Mathematics Diversity Council:  "Open Your Mind."

Kathryn Monger and Melanie Mason, Madison Art Collection:  "Mingle with Mali."

Susan Ghiaciuc, Carol Hamilton and Carlos Aleman, College of Arts and Letters Diversity Council: "Madison Teaching Fellows Developing Faculty Awareness of Engage!"

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