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Leadership Development at JMU

Since 2003, more than 160 high-achieving leaders have participated in the program called IMPACT3, the state-of-the-art leadership training and development program at James Madison Universrity. IMPACT3 is a year-long custom program designed to help our leaders develop their skills and, at the same time, grow a leadership culture at our university. It focuses on well-researched core competencies - skills and characteristics such as communication, integrity, and service - that mark leadership excellence for us.

Our name - IMPACT - relates to the difference effective leadership can make, and the 3 refers to the places where that impact can be made: individually, on the university level, and in society.

To learn more about the program, contact any of the following:

Mr. Brad Barnett
Financial Aid & Scholarships

Dr. Brian Charette
Special Assistant to the President
Strategic Planning & Engagement

Dr. Sharon Lovell
College of Health & Behavioral Studies

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