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 To meet the CSP mission, we offer a multi-tiered support network to all Centennial Scholars Program participants.

Financial Assistance

CSP provides a financial aid package in the form of grants. These funds cover tuition and standard room and board rates, including meals. First-year students receive financial assistance for a maximum of four years, and incoming transfer students receive financial assistance for a maximum of two years. In addition, we offer accepted graduate students grants that cover up to two years of in-state tuition rates plus a stipend.

Academic Support

We strive to build students' confidence in their academic and leadership abilities so that they can manage challenges at JMU and beyond. Designated programs have been created to empower students so that they can succeed in their respective disciplines.

Personal and Professional Development

As a Centennial Scholar, students have many opportunities to foster the skills necessary to work productively and creatively in an increasingly diverse world. We offer a variety of culturally-enriching activities as well as career-oriented workshops.

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