e-Vision, sponsored by The Writing Program at James Madison University, is a showcase for excellent essays produced by students in JMU's first year writing course, GWRIT 103.

The course is entitled "Critical Reading and Writing" and is designed to help students learn to use writing in their academic, civic, and personal lives. Students are learning to join in with the discourse of the university, to think and write analytically, to question. In so doing, these writers are also learning to refine their own vision (often, through mind-boggling "(r)e-vision.) of the world in which they will increasingly engage.

e-Vision is, first, a forum to honor the work of all of the students who take part in The Writing Program's introductory courses. Our hope is that e-Vision will also be used for in-class discussion and as a helpful source for example essays of the highest quality for use by both instructors and students.

All e-Vision essays are submitted by students and are then read and evaluated by student editors. The guidelines used to evaluate essays were developed by students who have gone through the introductory courses and who volunteer to serve as readers for the journal. The essays with the highest scores are published. Production and administration is carried out by JMU faculty.
Questions concerning e-Vision may be directed to the editors at evision@jmu.edu or by phone at 540-568-7056.


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